Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Ode to Wilson

This was supposed to be a report about my neighbourhood pasar malam. I had planned to take a few test shots with my new camera about mouth watering ayam golek and juicy tropical fruits on display. But it was not to be. My neat and trim plan was to go straight to the camera shop at the mall after work, get the camera, rush back home to charge up the battery for about an hour and head straight out to the night market.

What I didn’t anticipate was a family of four having a hard time deciding whether to get a compact point-and-shoot or a camcorder. And a very persuasive and enigmatic salesman. As I arrived at the shop (which I had already been to a couple of times this past week), I found Wilson, the shop manager and my old friend, attending to a charming Malay family. Wilson was his usual friendly approachable self and did his best to answer all the queries and doubts this family had about digital cameras. And camcorders. And SLRs.

An hour and a half later (!), Dad finally decided to buy the digital camera with the proviso that he is allowed to consider the camcorder next year. Mom only smiled. The kids of course were over the moon in anticipation of their new toy. I also got to make a new friend in Mom who is a teacher in a local primary school. Apparently they’re going to Cameron Highlands for the school holidays. Nice.

When Wilson finally completed the sale and we waved goodbye to Mr and Mrs Hisham, it was almost closing time. No matter, he still was very professional and we chatted a bit over a Big Mac and fries (his dinner) about why I should get the Canon S80 instead of the Olympus 7070. Little did he know that I had already done my research and thought long and hard about it this past few days. I already had my heart set on the former anyway.

I like his style. Very humble, very patient, very friendly. A damn good salesman who gives you the feeling that he genuinely cares. And I believe he does. Having seen him attending to his customers first hand, I realized I have lots to learn and improve with regards to my people skills.

Oh, and I absolutely LOVE my new camera.


crewcut75 said...

Congrats. I'm sure there will more underwater shooting expedition to come. Do bring it along the next time you visit us. Wouldn't mind fiddling with it.

Asther said...

Yup... very good camera indeed. I've converted a few of my friends to b proud owners of the same camera. ;)