Friday, December 23, 2005

Pasar Malam Kampung Lapan

Every Tuesday night, the taman in front of my condo turns into a pasar malam. From 4.00pm till around 11.00pm, the roads get clogged with people doing thier weekly grocery shopping, children pestering their parents to buy them the toy handphone on display and youngsters waiting for their Ramly Burger to be ready.

Last Tuesday, I decided to go down there to take some pics and try out the 'night mode' on my new camera. Of course I had to ask the permission of the pakciks and makciks manning the stalls to take pictures of their wares and of them in action. Some thought I was a photo journalist and even struck a pose. So sweet.

Its so interesting to see alll the local cuisine and fruits on display. There's putu piring (Kieran's fave), apam balik, lemon sugar cane and of course the ubiquitous durian (eeww!!). My favourite hawker food, fried turnip cake is also available, sandwiched between the murtabak and ayam golek stalls. I couldn't resist it and bought a packet each of the Fried Turnip and murtabak for supper and breakfast. Yummy!

There were throngs of people everywhere. People of different races, young and old, jostling about sampling the delicious food on offer and going about their grocery shopping. If you want to see true Malaysian muhibbah spirit, this is the proof that its alive and thriving.

As for me, I'm enjoyed stuffing my face with Fried Turnip cake and murtabak. Burp! Sigh... time to hit the gym.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Few of My Favourite Things 2005

Ah, it's that time of the year again, when we all look back at the year that was two-thousand-oh-five, and reminisce with a little nostalgia about the events that made the year memorable, the sights and the sounds that put a smile on your face and the people that made the most impact in our lives this year. On that note, here are my Top Ten Favourite Things for 2005.

1.Mango Smoothie - I've always wondered how that street vendor in Redang make such a delicious and fruity taste of heaven. Thanks to First yomy dear friend AB, I am now officially a mango smoothie independant producer. hehehe. First, you slice the mango, then you put in the ice......

2. Mix FM Breakfast Show with Richard and Shaz - These two guys are hilarious, with their put-on Manglish banter, cynical teasing, and of course the Battle of The Sexes. I look forward to having a good chuckle or two every morning on my way to work listening to these two perky radio DJs on Mix FM. Good job and keep it up, guys!

3. Cinderella Man - It's a pity the Oscars are ignoring this film, partly due to the bad press Russell Crowe generated with his phone throwing antics. This film had a lot of good elements including an inspiring screenplay, flawless set design (of the Great Depression era New York), and of course the bravura trio of Russell Crowe, Renee Zellweger and Paul Giamatti.

4. My very own G8 - Ok, drum roll please....... Faisal, Kieran, TK, Edwin, Mookie, Jes, Kay and yours truly..... You guys are the best group of friends a guy could ever ask for. Here's to many more years of great friendship to come.

5. Bunny and Doggie (aka Chris and Terry) - Ah, my two best travelling buddies, and then some. Thanks for the memories, guys. And I look forward to more of the same in 2006 (well, not exactly THE same, if you get what I mean ;-) ) Prague, here we come!!!

6. Confessions On The Dancefloor - The Queen of Pop is back! And boy, what a comeback. 'Hung Up' is permanently in my iPod and I can't stop boogeying to 'Sorry' and 'Isaac'. Help me....

7. Will and Grace on DVD - I was introduced to this delightful comedy by my good friend Poh and was instantly hooked. Thanks to the wonderful world of DVD, I am now gorging on the first four seasons on a daily basis. I know, I, know,"... get a life!"

8. CSI Supreme Sunday - Mutilated faces, bloated bodies, multiple gunshot wound, GSR, DNA, CODIS.... TIMES THREE! What more can you ask for to soothe the Sunday night blues?

9. Bo Bice - Okay, I admit it. I am an American Idol-holic. So sue me! The moment the long haired rocker wannabe sang his first note on national television, I had pegged him to be the ultimate winner. But when Miss Tighty Whitey Underwood actually pulled the rug right from under Mr Bice's feet, I (and perhaps the entire AI watching audience) went "Say what????" In any case, I'm looking forward to his first solo CD next year. It just might feature in my Top Ten list for 2006.

10. My 42" generic brand Plasma TV - Last but not the least, my new TV. So what if it isn't made by Sony or Phillips or LG or Samsung etc etc. It's got more resolution than I care to discern, and The 'Incredibles' looks great on it. And it cost only half the price of the branded ones. I'm so proud of myself.

Phew. What a year it has been, with lots of happiness, heartaches, and some boring in-betweens. In short, a memorable year.

P.S. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!!!