Thursday, March 30, 2006

What's in my iPod now.

I'm an iPod freak. And a sucker for commercial music ie. I can't get enough of the current pop music scene. I tried to be more 'cultured' and embrace classical music. I even bought the Dummies book for it. But try as I might, while it does soothe my savage soul after a hard day's work, Beethoven and Dvorak (pronounced as vor-zhak... see I told you I did my homework) somehow can't ignite the same passion that I have for pop music. So give me Kelly Clarkson anytime over Chopin and to prove it, here's what's been playing ad nauseum in my iPod these past few weeks:

1. "Must Be Doing Something Right" - Billy Currington
Billy who? Ok, here's the thing. I love country ballads and this latest offering by country's newest hunk is nothing short of heavenly. It's a typical dittie where the man sings about being clueless as to what a woman wants from him... but since she's with him now, he ... well... "'must be doing something right'.

2. "Check On It" - Beyonce
Don't you just love it when the former lead singer of Destiny's Child shakes it all for the whole wide world to see? I mean that bootee of hers should be insured for at least a million dollars. I love this song for its oh-so-catchy chorus and I am still trying to memorise the words to it so that I can warble my way into showertime bliss. Hehe

3. "Red Dress" - Sugababes
New 'babe Amelle Berrabah picks up where icequeen Mutya Buena (where do they find these girls - Greenland??) left off in the third single off the 'Taller In More Ways' album. It's a fun song in the way brainless UK pop songs are and yet, their credibility as 'serious' music makers seem not to have been dented one bit. And they say the Brits have no sense of humor.

4. "Dejate Llevar" - Ricky Martin
Leaving the emaciated look he sported in 'I Don't Care' behind, a slightly beefier Ricky Martin returns to a more familiar turf - latin-tinged pop manic in the vein of Livin' La Vida Loca and Shake Your Bon-bon. I absolutely love the video to this one especially the part where he lets a stream of milk flow across his torso all the way down to a billboard of a girl below him.... perhaps an allusion to the recent snafu regarding his 'golden showers' remark, hmmm?

5. "Walk Away" - Kelly Clarkson
And the hits just keep on coming for the original American Idol and Grammy Pop Vocal Album winner. This is yet another gem from her classic sophomore album 'Breakaway'. I guess breaking away from the 19 production house and Simon Cowell's clutches really is better for her career. Ruben and Fantasia, please take note.

Also-rans: "The Real Thing" - Bo Bice; "Sorry" - Madonna; "Tonight I Wanna Cry" - Keith Urban (told ya I am a sucker for country ballads! ); "Pretty Vegas" - INXS and last but not least, "Temperature" - Sean Paul.

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