Thursday, June 22, 2006

I don't and I like it the way it is, thank you.

I hate weddings. Well, not exactly everything about weddings. I mean, the "I do, you do" part is charming and I always get a kick out of what i call the 'champagne cork-flicking stunt'. It's the wedding banquet I don't particularly love.

Why, you ask? Well, consider this. I'm a 35 y/o single man who is (and I don't mean to sound conceited here) considered a very eligible bachelor. Yet, year after year, I have seen many of my friends and my juniors step up to the altar as I dutifully clap my hands from the sideline when the bride sashays past. So, sometime during the wedding banquet, well meaning relatives, friends and church members will inevitably pop the question : When is it going to be your turn?

I have gone from lying about me being shy to lying about my (nonexistant) girlfriend not being able to make it to lying about having just broken up the week before to just plain staring at these people with my 'death stare'. I mean, come on people! Do you really care about my marital wellbeing or are you, as I suspect, just trying to get a laugh at my expense? It's not funny any more after the guy hits 30, believe me. At least not to the poor guy.

Just the other day, I had to atttend one of these dreaded events that was thrown by one of my church home-fellowship members for his son. As expected, halfway through, someone sitting at my table decided that it was time to grill me about the dreaded state of my singlehood. And to make matters worse, my parents happened to be sitting at the same table as I was. As annoyed as I was when the question came up, I could sense that their uneasiness was even more intense. It was as if their hearts had been stabbed with a thousand arrows and they didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I felt sorry that I had been responsible for making them look like failures in this respect. And because we were all seated in the "church members" table, I couldn't be as cynical or sarcastic as I wanted to be. So I had to play along for fuck's sake and hope that they would drop the subject before long.

"Oh, erm.... she's in KL" and ended that with a loaded look at my mom, who at a moment's cue, backed it up with her own story about how my 'girlfriend' couldn't make it 'this time'.

"Yeah lor.... aiyah, she said her boss needed her to do a presentation....."

Sigh. I just condemmned my mom to hell... again.

I hate weddings.


sbanboy said...

Yup I hate it too ..... esp since I am still single ... got a wedding coming up on July 15th with my relatives ....

A million questions ... when u getting married ?? How come u so fat now ?? etc etc .... duh .....

Amazonman said...

Hi doc,

Thanks for reading my blog and leaving your comments. I appreciate it. If you have ideas or suggestions or even critiques, do feel free to voice them as well. Thanks again.

crewcut75 said...

I guess most of the time it's our own insecurity that results in the awkwardness of such situations.

True, marriage is a personal choice and is none of anybody's business but yours, but like it not, the nosy ones would always pop the question, so it's really up to you how to deal with the situation. It doesn't have to be a big deal unless you make it so.

I used to dread events like these too but one day I asked myself, how long am I gonna keep running away from such events? Or am I gonna stand for what I believe in and be at peace with it?

I chose the latter.

Just a thought.


sbanboy said...

Cool ... :D

I think I need to get my impacted wisdom tooth removed :D

Anyway I like the pictures and the stuffs u share here .... keep it up

Yes to be at peace with oneself ... :D

aliscia said...

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Asther said...

When people asked me "when r u getting married?" I'll tell them straight in the face that I have no plans yet.

"I'm currently staying wth my boyfriend & our parents are okay with us not being married after dating for so long. We might not even get married unless one day I got pregnant or something. ;P"

Imagine their big eyes popping out when they heard my reply. Hahaha...