Friday, July 28, 2006

Redang Pics 2

As requested, here are a few more Redang pics along with short little commentaries (shortened lest it might bore some of you busy people) ;-)

This is a shot of our dive company descending. For newbie divers, this part of the dive is the most nerve-wrecking as we have to constantly pace our descent and deal with a host of other problems like our breathing and equalizing our internal pressure with the outside pressure.

These two pictures (above and below) are another two kinds of nudibranches typically found in these waters. These belong to the Phyllididae family.

Eileen (our divemaster) joked that the reason a lot of u/w photographers love to look for nudibranches is that they are rather easy to shoot - they practically just sit there immobile. Hmmmm..... never thought about it that way. Very true in a way.

See that cute little thing that looks like a bubble? That's actually a jellyfish egg. Someone commented that it looked like a small blown up condom .... hehehe

This little critter almost bit my finger. It's a hermit crab which has 'hijacked' a shell for protection. Just in case you can't make it out, its eyes are the two black dots in the right half of the pic. Cute or not?

Headache!!! Hehehe. This pic was taken near the ship wreck off the coast near the Berjaya Redang Resort. It's a small boat and the only thing we could recognise on it were the toilet bowls (not in pic). And the diver in this shot was actually trying to clear his mask, not complaining of migraine.

Remember the "Nemo" pic? Well here is another type of clownfish - it has a different pattern on its body and the orange part is more intense to suit the strong, almost reddish hue sported by the anemone.

Ah.... as we approach the end of out dive (and holiday), Kevin took this 'artistic' shot.... He said it would be suitable as a pc monitor wallpaper. What do you think?

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