Thursday, August 03, 2006

Tarik Kereta

Me: Hello, EON Bank? May I speak to your loan officer please?

Loan Officer (LO): Yes, how may I help you?

Me: Yes, My name is Mr Tan. I would like to enquire about a car loan application that I made with your bank a few days ago. I understand that my application was rejected. May I know why?

LO: Er.... please hold on. I need to get out your file first...... Ah, ok. Er... Mr. Tan, you are buying a Gen-2 right? Mmmm.... oh, regarding your loan, Mr. Tan, actually the problem is we need a guarantor.

Me: But why do you need a guarantor? It's not like I cannot afford the payments. Did you get my income tax forms and my bank statements?

LO: Yes... but....

Me: Then surely you can see that I can more than afford to pay for the car cash if I wanted to. So why would I need a guarantor?

LO: Well, it's our bank policy. Also, your application was not approved because you are not working in Klang Valley.

Me: So?

LO: Since you apply in KL, our branch deems your case as an outstation application. And we usually don't take outstation case.

Me: Why? It's not like I'm in another country.

LO: Er... Actually outstation cases a bit difficultlah, because just in case ... er... you default payment, and we need to er..tarik kereta... er... it's more difficult for us to find the car...

Me: ???? ... Hold on a sec. Are you trying to say that I am considered a poor risk because if I don't pay the monthly payments, you may find it difficult to tow my car?

LO: Er... yeah.

Me: Are you kidding???

LO: Sorry Mr. Tan. That is my boss give us the policy.

Me: What do you mean, policy? My sister applied for a car loan in Melaka just two weeks ago, and she put her Kajang address. Her loan was approved by your branch in Melaka in one day! Now, the last I heard, Melaka is not in Klang Valley.

LO: Oh, that is because usually they have a different policy.

Me: You mean your bank has different policies for different branches?

LO: Nolah... erm... actually also up to the loan officer. If he dares to give, then no problemlah.

Me: In other words, you don't want to take the risk on me lah...?

LO: Err.... sorry sir. It's bank policy.... Why don't you apply at our bank at your town? You can tell them that you applied in KL branch but cannot get....

Me: And telling them that will make it easier to get the loan?

LO: Er... actually I'm not sure also.... but at least it's the local branch. Easier ....

Me: Easier to tarik my kereta is it?

LO: He he, no lah.... mmmmm.....

Me: It's oklah. I think I've heard enough. Thank you.

LO: Ok. sorrylah Mr Tan. Thank you for calling EON Bank and have a nice day.


sbanboy said...

Wah so difficult to get loan for a gen 2 ???? I thot they will have everything arranged on the spot ???

Oh well try another bank loh ....I think if I was standing in fron the officer who answered that call...I wud have smacked him the face already .... keke

OK hope your loan will get settled :)

Amazonman said...

Got the loan from Maybank. ;-)

sbanboy said...

Much better .... now you can settle your loan payments online .... :D

crewcut75 said...

Why gen-2? Perhaps that's why...

Mercerdes or BMW sure get loan one...

sbanboy said...

Hey amazonman ... do you mind if I link you in my blog ?


Amazonman said...

of course I won't mind. :-)

And I hope you don't mind that I link yours in mine too.

sbanboy said...

Thanks amazonman ... :)

Sure you can link me

sbanboy said...

Hey amazonman .... I will take a break from blogging but you can still reach me at ( email and Yahoo Messenger )

Keep in touch and wish you all the best in your undertakings :) Cya