Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bangkok '06 : Chatuchak Weekend Market

No visit to Bangkok is complete without spending a day at the Chatuchak Weekend Market. The grounds is the size of ten football fields, with stalls crammed into every small space available, selling just about everything you could imagine, from t-shirts to t-bone steaks, from fake Rolex watches to real live puppies, from artistic carvings of Buddha to kitschy Hello Kitty tote bags.
There is even an inspiring football player for sale.... hehehe. Actually, this guy's really quite talented. He's performing balancing tricks with his football in order to earn his way to a football school in Europe. Who knows, this could be the next Ronaldo.

Section 4 - the arts corner. Here, you can find highly imaginative original works by local artists in various media - oil on canvas, watercolour, sculptures, pottery and much more. However, most western tourists seem only interested in images of Buddha. Hence, there's a whole lot of busts and wood carvings and oils of the sage in a variety of styles and colours.

If you ever get thirsty, there's plenty of refreshment to choose from. My favourite is fresh coconut water in ice. At 10 baht, what more can one ask for?

I bought my Crocs slippers for S$120 last year. I never would have thought that their knockoffs would get here just one year later and selling for just 120 Baht!!!!

Not exactly Soontra, but these fruit juices are also quite delicious albeit a tad too sweet. thais love their fruits and one can get fresh fruits in all forms from cut slices to juices to frappes, you name it, they have it.

Home furnishing is also a big draw here. I love their ideas in lighting, bedding, curtains and candles. But this is the ultimate no no for me. Crocodile skin as a sofa accessory, anyone?

Ooo... my sisters would love this. Accessories to adorn each and every part of thier body. Let's see...there's stuff for the neck, wrist, head, ears, tongue, arms, ankles......

Ok... everybody now.... 1, 2,3... AAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

Ok. I'm confused. Do I let them lick or not? Can anybody who reads thai clear this up?

Arguable the best bargains here are the t-shirts. You can hear people shouting at the top of their voices, attracting buyers' attention to their stalls. Competition is stiff in t-shirt land and prices have been slashed to 69 baht...59 baht....39 baht..... and that's before you even start to bargain with them.

Food's great and cheap here too. Simple and delicious. Like this bowl of kuay teow with pork balls. Heavenly!


Anonymous said...

I went there once for a half a day and there were still so many shops I missed ... definitely need to go there agin ... :D

Anonymous said...

Well done! Welcome to the world of travelblogs!


Anonymous said...

I am gonna get that "FAT PEOPLE ARE HARDER TO KIDNAP" T Shirt ... hehe