Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dive Pics Southern Thailand: Hin Daeng Hin Muang Part II

"Hin Daeng" means red rock while "Hin Muang" means purple rock. the area is made up of small rocky outcrops jutting out into the Andaman Sea. As to its colour, well, I couldn't make out any distinctive colours on them except greyish-brownish rock. But I guess "Hin Greyish-brownish " doesn't sound too glamourous.

Not all clownfish look like Nemo; they don't all have orange bodies with three white stripes. This one has a black body with white stripes, sort of like the zebra. Hmmm.... that's what I'll call it - the zebra clownfish. Surely that sounds more suitable than its actual name - Clarke's Anemone Fish. Cheh!

Remember the Angelinajolie toby? Well, this is her less glamourous cousin, the common pufferfish. Life is so unfair, dont'cha think?

This is a school of Batfish. They seemed to be swimming on their side. And circling the group of us divers. Wonder where are the Robinfish...."Holy Thermoclime, Batfish....!"

On dry land, most poisonous amphibians are often the most colourful and beautiful, as if the loud patterns serve as a warning to would-be predators. The same principal holds true for most of the marine creatures as well, from nudibranches to corals to fish, like the beautiful ragged-finned firefish above. Nice to see, painful to touch. Stay away!

It's interesting how some marine creatures get their names. I would love to find out how this cute little fella is called, of all things, the skunk anemonefish. So does this little fishy have a flatulence problem? On closer examination, it looks like the pink anemonefish except it doesn't have a vertical white band behind the eye. It does however have a longitudinal white stripe from the front of its head all the way posteriorly to its tail resembling a skunk..... Oh.

The surgeonfish is so named for the scalpel sharp blades that are located on either side of the tail base and can produce deep cuts if handled carelessly. One of their most distinguishing characteristics is their amazing ability to completely change their color according to their mood. When calmly swimming about they maintain a consistent color but when a predator approaches the color pattern changes within moments.

This fish was featured in Pixar's Finding Nemo as the maverick but scarred Gill living in the dentist's aquarium. It's called the Moorish Idol, because the Moors of Africa believe it to be a bringer of happiness. And to think I kept getting images of Simon Cowell wearing a red fez and going, "... that was absolutely awful...."

While waiting at the 15ft safety stop, I chanced upon a coral grouper swimming about as if beckoning me take its picture. So I did... and it promptly swam away. Sigh.

Someone seems really eager to surface. Hey guys, wait up!


Asther said...

The pink anemonefish photo was EXCELLENT! And the surfacing photo too. *CLAPS*

Amazonman said...

It's not a pink anemone fish lah. It's a skunk anemonefish. Pinkies have a vertical white band across...
aiyah go read the commentary underneath that piclah. hehehehe

Thanks for the claps. Really appreciate it. Where're your pics leh?

Yeah strobes help but still need to get a feel for it.

Asther said...

Hehehe... my pics ar... still sitting in my PC. ;P Busy lar, but will send to you all soon.