Friday, March 16, 2007

Similan Liveaboard: Manta Hunting

This is Gan, our group's Divemaster. He is now demonstrating how to do underwater Para-para dancing. Even the fish are wondering what on earth this alien creature is doing, hands and fins flailing all over the place.

This is not a spear. It's another type of trumpet fish... I think. Maybe this one's on a diet... or trying to get on Similan's Next Top Model Fish.

The resident seahorse was kind enough to pose for us as one by one we flashed our strobes at its face and jostled with each 0ther trying to get a good angle. I think the poor fella's blind from all that bright flashes by the time we were done.

This is not your regular Moray eel. This is a banded coral eel. It was a bit difficult to get close enough to get a better shot as it was hiding in a deep and narrow cavern sheltered by three sea urchins. Ouch!

And its neighbour is this rare honeycomb eel. This is the first time I've seen this creature up close. Very beautiful and very shy.

Then Gan decided to out into the blue to try and find us some whale sharks and manta rays. After about ten minutes of blueness, along came this cute little jellyfish. It has tiny colourful lights running down the entire length of its body.

Manata.... manta.... where are you?

Meanwhile, I ventured a bit off the beaten path to take a few pics of soft corals while waiting for the big stuff to appear. It's amazing to see such beautiful colours in these otherwordly looking plants and creatures.

And this cushion star looks so comfortable and made me felt a bit sleepy......

And then..... FINALLY. She arrives! Swimming majestically across the water, current or no current she floats by serenely. It's times like these that you are suddenly reminded of how wonderful our world is, with its creatures big and small.


Asther said...

Did u take a video of the manta?

Amazonman said...

NO, no time to go and fidget with the camera buttons lah.... the manta would have flown past already by the time i manage to switch on the video mode.

One of the others did manage to record it down... waiting for her to send me the video. I show it to you when i get it lah. ;)

sbanboy said...

Wow nice shots bro ..... hopefully someday I can take up scuba diving ... :D

yltan said...

I think Gan is not a divemaster. If he is the Gan i know, then he would be the dive instructor right? Was it with Seamoth that you dived? Gan is an absolutely wonderful guide and funny too. Knew him since Uni..

Nice pictures by the way..