Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Pulau Weh 2008: Part 6

Poor boatman's wondering where everybody went...

Well, Aris, everybody had jumped overboard when they found out mantas had been sighted here earlier today!

Well, we didn't see mantas right away of course. What we did see right off the bat was a giant school of jacks in a vortex formation.

Needless to say, quite a few of us tried to approach the vortex, but if you have ever tried to chase after fish, even if they're in their thousands, you will know that fish can outswim human divers very very easily.

So, I decided to concentrate on less mobile creatures... like this very interesting species of sea sponge, which actually reminds me of a multi-toothbrush holder which I bought in Bangkok last year.... or was it from Bali.....?

While waiting for the others to descend, I spotted this huge lobster.... head. Quick, somebody call the CSI: Marine to this crime scene.... Decapitated lobster, COD looks like erm... decapitation.... no signs of forced entry into its coral, need to check for traces of GSR and I guess its gonna be a DOA case.

This heavily adorned star fish is another type of noduled Sea Star. Its arms were about six inches long and I swear the thing try to reach out to grab me! Either that or the narcosis had started to kick in.

Another clump of feather star. Remember, this is an animal, not a plant. Whatever.

This is a striped surgeonfish. Its name is derived from its razor sharp hind fins which are used as a protective measure from would be predators. Hehehe and also due to its resemblance to McDreamy.

This hard coral looks like extra large clumps of white fungus... You know, the stuff your mom puts into the Leng Chee Kang and makes you eat because its "good for you"?

After hours of exhaustive searching through my fish books, I finally 'think' that this is a Vagabond Butterflyfish...see the bluish tinge on the edge of its dorsal fins?

Lest you think that I have gotten tired of my favourite u'w subject, here's a very beautiful specimen of the Chromodoris kuniei nudibranch. Thanks to Nazri for pointing it out to me and also for allowing me to post this pic.

This regal looking fish is an Emperor Angelfish....

And not far behind, is his baby, Crown Prince Angelfish. (That's a juvenile Emperor Anglefish for those who are a bit slow.)

This little surgeonfish went to market.... this little surgeonfish stayed at home.... this little surgeonfish had roast decapitated lobster..... this little surgeonfish had none... and this little surgeonfish cried blwee blwee blwee al the way home.

Then suddenly, just as we were about to give up our search, right on cue! Look up in the shallow water! Its a bird! No, it's a plane! No lah, stupid, it's a Manta ray!!!

See, everybody was so happy that they forgot that they need to breathe through the second stage!

No Lynn, you can't breathe through your mouth like a fish.... Oooh.. nice teeth....


Anonymous said...

Trust the dentist to notice my teeth! Lynn

Josh said...

Wow... beautiful. This is the first time I heard of Pulau Weh.

Nice teeth the lady had got!