Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bangkok 2008

This past Merdeka hols, I decided to spend our great nation's 51st Independance Day in Bangkok, Thailand.

There was lots of huffing, puffing and sweating.... from all that spicy Thai food like Pad Thai, Kuay Teow, Green Curry.... and also some not so Thai food from the good people at Sizzlers... Pork Ribs....mmmmmmm :p

I think we will need to go on a severe diet after chowing down on this deliciously aromatic herb-infused fried chicken.

The most memorable thing about BKK this time around was definitely the mango + sticky rice combo. It cost us 50 Baht (RM5) at Chatuchak which we thought was a bit pricy, but the moment we took a bite of it.... it was heaven at first taste.

Oh, and of course there were the temples. How could we forget the temples? It's BKK's raison d'etre! More to come!


Josh said...

How come there's one statue in the first pic wearing modern clothing??

Ooo... the mango glutinous rice is sooooooo tempting.

Amazonman said...

that one time traveller.... :P

Ys and it was DELICIOUS! only RM5....

AG said...

nice photos:)