Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Recap 2008: Favourite Songs

My, my, how time flies. I can't believe it's almost twelve months since the last time I had to compile a list of favourites (and not-so-favourites) for the year. It's been a roller coaster of a year for me and personally I am quite happy to see the end of 2008. New beginnings, new hopes, new life. But before that, as always, I have listed the top 10 songs that have burned a hole through my iPod headphones and whose lyrics are forever etched onto my brain.

10. Here You Come Again - Carly Smithson
Before this, the only song from Dolly Parton I actually liked was I Will Always Love You and even that, I only listened to the Whitney Houston version. Carly's rendition of what was originally a midtempo and oddly cheerful song on the American Idol stage early this year was and still is one of my favourite 'heartbreak' songs for 2008, the drama queen that I am. There! I've said it!

9. Us Against The World - Westlife
It's my guilty pleasure, Westlife. I've always enjoyed their cheesy renditions of other people's songs and even more cheesy renditions of their own originals. One can only take so much of edgy punk rock before returning to more familiar albeit sticky sweet ear candy and Westlife does it for me.

8. Still Learning How To Bend - Gary Allan
Before we all start getting any ideas, no, this is not a song about 'coming out'. He is actually singing about dealing with the ghosts of relationships past and learning to move on and place his trust in love again. The line that gets to me the most has got to be this:

I'm just trying to understand
It's all in someone else's hands
There's always been a bigger plan
But I don't need to understand....

7. In My Arms - Kylie Minogue
Sometimes a suitable music video adds a visual dimension to a song thereby making it much more interesting and memorable. This was definitely the case for In My Arms, which, prior to the release of the music video, had not caught my attention much. The video was a very colourful palette of dance moves, acrobatic contortions and of course the effervescent Ms Minogue playfully beckoning us all to go straight into her arms! Pure pop magic!

6. I Kissed A Girl - Katy Perry
This song gained notoriety for seemingly promoting lesbianism but if you listen to the lyrics carefully, Katy was in fact doing the exact opposite, ie. making girl-on-girl action sound risque and somewhat of a forbidden fruit. Seems like her gospel roots still wield some influence over her after all. Oh, to the Malaysian Censorship Board, please, don't butcher the song and make the poor girl sing, "...I kissed [silence]... and I liked it..."!

5. Always Be My Baby - David Cook
Who knew that this Mariah Carey classic was an emo-rock ballad just waiting to happen? Kudos to this year's AI for such an original performance that blew the rest of the competition out of the water (yes even cute-as-a-button David Archuleta) and made Daughtry seem so five minutes ago.

4. This Is Me You're Talking To - Trisha Yearwood
Getting married to Garth Brooks, the most powerful country artiste in Nashville did wonders to reviving Trisha's career, what with a Grammy nomination for the album "Heaven, Heartache and the Power of Love" and a Best Country Vocal Performance Female for this song, my favourite track off the album. Her sincere and understated rendition of this song about the awkwardness when one meets an ex-lover was poignant and heartfelt.

3. Don't - Billy Currington
I hated the video. The director's attempt to make this song about a guy pleading with his newfound love not to leave so soon, into a 70's Starsky and Hutch car chase sequence just didn't quite work, making the entire video look dated and B-grade-ish. The song, however, was vintage Billy, with that lazy drawl and come hither tone that would make any girl go weak in the knees.

2. Viva La Vida - Coldplay
I have never been a fan of Coldplay's music, but this song... man, this song was so good I have been playing it non-stop in my car for months on end. Everything about it screams Record of The Year in next year's Grammys from the insightful lyrics to the anthemic melody to the U2-esque production. Wo-oh-oh-oh-oooooooooh......

And the #1 song of the year is......

1. Mercy - Duffy
I first heard this song in, of all places, a provincial market in Solo, Indonesia! Back then she was just breaking out onto the UK pop charts and when I got back, I hunted high and low for the song only to end up purchasing it off iTunes. For those of you who don't have a clue about Duffy, just imagine Amy Winehouse on helium singing the 60's. Weird, I know, but it works. Big time! Yeh...yeh...yeh!

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