Friday, February 27, 2009

Holding Hands

A young Singaporean couple came in this morning for their regular checkup and cleaning. The poor girl was so scared that she insisted her boyfriend stand right next to her and hold her hand while I clean her teeth. You could see the fear and anxiety in her eyes and fidgety body language.

Oh boy.... part of me was touched and filled with all the 'awww...' type of feeling inside, while another part of me was fighting the urge to roll my eyes upwards till it disappears into my skull forever.

The cynical part of me won.


OogaBooga said...

we need to force feed you happy movies... I recommend a good dosage of cartoons and happy comics.

Amazonman said...

i loved Wall*E.... does that count? :p

OogaBooga said...

YES.. but you need more.. try some classic Disney! and sing some Disney tunes while at work... like from Mary Poppins..that would give your patients something to think about !~