Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Holiday Pics: Welcome to Prague

It's soooo cold!!!!

Being a Malaysian, my version of cold weather is Genting Highlands where the average temperature is 23ºC plus some wind chill factor. So, when I arrived in Prague, I had no previous impression of what a subzero winter environment would be like. Imagine my horror when I stepped out of the nice 25ºC airport into the -8ºC outdoors. I mean, it was painful to even breathe!

I woke up the next morning in Terry's apartment, and because his place was climate controlled to maintain at a cosy 25ºC, I momentarily forgot that I was in the middle of one of the harshest winter in European history. Seeing the sun was already quite high in the sky, I opened the patio glass door and steeped out into the balcony - barefooted. OHMYGAWD! My memory came back and I think my balls shrunk back into its prenatal position.

Chris loved the weather more than me. In fact, he thrived in it. I really think that he was switched at birth and was meant to be living in Tibet or Sapporo, not Malaysia.

After puting on my winter wear, which consisted of a inner shirt, a jumper, a pair of long johns and a really thick coat which made me look like a lost Eskimo sumo wrestler, we ventured out into Prague city. First stop - Prague Castle.

Also known as Hradcany Castle, it was built around 850AD by the Premyslid Royal family and was the administrative site of Prague for almost a century. It was initially made up of an outer stone wall and inner timber houses but the timber buildings were gradually replaced by stone ones.

The oldest original stone church in Europe, the Basillica of St. George is said to contain the remains and relics of the royal family.

Another impressive building is the St Vitus Cathedral. It's huge and awe-inspiringly beautiful. It contains the tombs of many Bohemian kings and is currently the seat of the Archbishop of Prague. This building is an excellent example of Gothic architechture and is the biggest and most important church in the country.

It was really a wonderful experience to be walking within the castle grounds without the throng of tourists who would otherwise fill the area to the brim during summer months. We even managed to take a shot of the palace guards on one of their rounds. They were very impressive and not easily distracted, as we took ouir photos, they didn't even look sideways or bat an eyelid. Talk about dedication!

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Asther said...

Talking about cold weather, I love it cold too. Hahaha... My dad grudgingly told me I took after my mum, who loves being in cold countries & actually thrives in the cold, rather in Malaysia.