Thursday, April 06, 2006

Roma Pics: Day 2

The pension or hostel where we stayed in Rome was called Hotel Farini. The main reason why we chose this place was that it was situated just two blocks from the Roma Termini. And it was relatively cheap. Between the three of us, it only cost € 240.00 for the whole three days. Quite cheap by European standards. But the decor... well, let's just say that you get what you pay for.

The hostel occupies the top two floors of a three storey building and we had to enter the premise through an unassuming pre-war looking wooden door, along a rather creepily lit corridor and up a really ancient looking lift.

In order to use the lift, you have to open a metal gate, slide open the wooden doors, and then decide which two of you is going to enter first. Yes, it's that small. Then you have to close both the wooden door and metal gate before you can press any of the buttons - of which there were only three. "1', "2" and "3". I know Europe is trying to preserve its heritage but seriously, I think that this lift should be preserved - in a museum!

Our room overlooks the main street, but the window was bolted down for the winter, so I couldn't take any pics from there. Just about the only view we had was of the inner courtyard which we shared with the adjoining building which if I'm not mistaken is a police station! While I was taking pictures, this guy, presumably a 'polizia' officer, started yelling at me and waving his arms. Wah, take pictures also cannot meh?

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