Saturday, February 10, 2007

Morning Drive

"You drive an hour to work?" went my friend when I told him of my daily commute. "Everyday?" he went on, apparently in disbelief. Sometimes I find it rather ludicrous too, that I would choose to live in one city and work in another, forty-five minutes away.

But you know what, I find that I kinda like the early morning drive, with the sun just waking up from its slumber, peaking through the coconut fronds, while children in their blue and white uniforms gleefully cycle their way to school and the housewives greet each other on their way to the wet market to buy the day's groceries.

And in that hour of solitude, as I sit in my car, slowly snaking my way down the country roads, I often find myself in a very serene environment, regardless of the traffic conditions outside. This is my time. Away from all the cares and troubles of yesterday, protected from the anxieties of tomorrow. Just basking in the glory of Now.

This is the time when I would often have my mini epiphanies. When all that has happened converge to fit into the Big Picture, and it would all make sense. When all the troubling emotions that has bothered me previously, I can now step outside of, and view it for what they were. And to really appreciate that Life is truly where I am, what I am and how I will be.

Sometimes, I think I almost get it.


OiNK!! said...

45 mins on a relatively traffic free road ain't that bad. Try driving from USJ to KL at peak hours .... I fucking hour on a stop and go traffic!

Amazonman said...

Hehehe Did you see me complaining about the 45 m in drive?

And I think it's about time u got yourself an Ipod to accompany you during the 1 fucking hour on a stop and go traffic. C'mon... u can afford it. **BONUS**


sbanboy said...

I enjoy myself morning rides to work .... it a great time for me to reflect on things which are deep in my heart and talk things over with God. Erm I use a Creative Zen Microphoto for the music :D

OiNK!! said...

I already have an Ipod. My Jakarta trip remember ?? Unfortunately the music does not relieve my stress.