Monday, May 21, 2007

幸せな母の日 (Happy Mother's Day)

Last Sunday we celebrated Mother's Day by giving our dear mom a luncheon treat at a Japanese Restaurant in OUG named Xenri.

As my sis had made a reservation at the eleventh hour, we could only manage to get an outdoor table, which turned out to be a blessing as most of the teriyaki and tempura dishes were laid out on an outdoor terrace just behind us.

Here's Mom posing with all the food laid out before her. Made her feel like the Queen of the day. (As opposed to the other 364 days of the year when she's the Queen, period.)

And this is the only close-up shot of one of the plateful of food I could take, coz all of us were pretty hungry and none of the others were willing to wait for me to compose the picture, check the lighting, correct the white balance.....

No sooner had I shot the pic above, my sis swooped down on the sashimi like an eagle. Pass the wasabi!

Like a homing device, Dad went straight for the shark's fin soup (I know, it's not a Japanese dish, but who cares?) oblivious to the fate of countless finless sharks that lay rotting on the seabed just to make that bowl of soup. What's more, he took at least five bowls of it! Tsk tsk!

This little girl found her favourite dish, chawanmushi aka egg custard. I found it a bit too salty. So did she. Hehehe!

"Dear, are you gonna eat that? Too late, I got it. It's mine now. Bwuahahahaha! "

And this is the aftermath when you let loose six human piranhas on a Japanese buffet. Kiasu and proud of it!

"I told you I don't want you looking at other girls. How come you were winking at that waitress?"

"I wasn't winking lah... Something went into my eye!"

Oh good, in order to make me feel better about blowing my diet after all that tempura and sushi, I loaded up on lots of fresh fruits.

More fresh fruits! But I was already stuffed by the time this platter came out. I wonder if we can doggy-bag some fruits for later.....

Introducing Malaysia's next Top Model .... after being stuffed silly with fresh oysters, shark's fin soup, salmon and tuna sashimi, teriyaki beef, boxing chicken and last but not least, green tea ice-cream with black bean!

All in all it was a fun afternoon of food, laughter and ice-cream. See, Dad is still heaping on the ice cream (in the background)!

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