Wednesday, May 30, 2007

She who has everything. For 'Now'.

Another AI has passed and while many (including yours truly) was devastated that Melinda Dolittle exited prematurely, I feel that the eventual champion, Jordin Sparks is a worthy winner. If anyone ever doubted her vocal abilities, one only has to listen to her rendition of "I Who Have Nothing" to see why she garnered 65% of the 75 million votes cast at the Finale.

And I have to agree with the judges on this : Song choice, song choice, song choice!

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Asther said...

Yes... She deserves the title. Lovely voice & singing. But she'll need more work in her performance on stage. The way I see it, she portrays lack of confidence with her physical being. But this achievement will open lots of new doors of opportunities for her to do better.

Look at Kelly Clarkson. She's no beauty queen but she did soooo well! Thanx to her marketing & publicity team. And of course her dedication to her work.