Saturday, March 08, 2008

Election Day 2008

This is a collection of random pics around Muar town on Election Day. It was relatively quiet today in town. I guess everybody's busy making 'x'es on their election slips at the polling stations. No, no chads poked, made pregnant or even argued about in court here. Just a simple piece of printed paper and a pencil. Simple.

The war of the banners are in full throttle in the town centre. A sea of blue, green and red can be seen flapping in the wind.

The ruling BN election machine is obviously the more wealthier one, as evidenced by the multitudes of flags, banners and posters EVERYWHERE. For every flag/poster by the opposition there are at least five of the blue scales.

Anwar's renegade party, Keadilan, also makes its own presence felt here with extra long banners sporting the infamous white 'black eye' logo.

The Pan Islamic Malaysia party or PAS has been trying to make inroads into Johor but so far has not been successful. Will 2008 prove to be a 'banner' year for them?

These hanging banners that criss cross the town's streets are becoming more of a nuisence as some of them have snapped and fallen onto passers-by and cars, causing chaos and traffic jams.

In the more urban constituencies, DAP is trying to woo the chinese votes. The party did win a state seat here in Muar a couple of elections ago, but promptly lost it to BN after just one term. Can they wrestle back this seat as well as others this time around?

This has to be the biggest poster yet in the whole of Muar. It depicts a picture of the ruling coalition's Chinese leader, Ong Ka Ting and the local candidate all thumbs up about the development in the country.

Even road dividers and traffic lights aren't spared from the banners and flags.

I saw this BN nominee come out of his sleek brand new Mercedes Benz the other day at the petrol station. Nice guy. Just a tad bit sloppy looking.

This is the Keadilan candidate for my Parliament Constituency. Ooh... she sure can strike a fierce pose....

...and she's going head to head with this BN's candidate. He sure does show a more approachable face, don't you think?

Ah, here is the primary school near my parent's place that is doubling as the polling station where I will cast my vote.

One by one, we first have to register at the front counter with our ICs before being given a identification slip and directed to one of the three polling rooms to cast our votes for the State and Parliamentary seats.

Even though the political parties these two ladies represent are rivals, it is heartening to see them being very friendly to each other. Maybe the claws will come out come results time. Hehehe

Well, I wish all the candidates and the political parties participating in this year's election all the best and whoever wins, please govern our country to the best of your ability with diligence, honour and integrity. One last thing: please remember to clean up the mess you guys did to our town.

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fiebie said...

that picture of the two ladies with different umbrella is so classic. Boleh menang picture of the year tu. you should have snap more.