Friday, March 07, 2008

Marilah mari, kita mengundi

Tomorrow is Election Day. After months of speculation and rumours about an early election, Pak Lah finally announced the date when Malaysians go to the polls to elect a 'new' government. 'New' because we all know who will win this election. No crystal ball is needed to foretell which party will win the lion share of the parliamentary and state seats up for grabs. The real question is, how big of a lion will BN be this time around?

The past couple of months has been a rather tumultuous time for Malaysian politics. No, there weren't any suicide bombers, jailed judicial council members or even death threats to prominent politicians. At least none that we know of. There were however a number of street demonstrations and peaceful protests that created such a stir in KL that we were all advised not to venture into the city centre for fear of being caught in the 'chaos'.

Anyway, fast forward to today, the eve of the polls, and I can feel the tension in the air. Election fever has gotten everyone talking about who they wanna see out of the political scene and whether they want to vote for the ruling party or let the opposition have a bigger say in Parliament. And then of course is the on-going debacle of the indelible ink strategy to deter voter fraud. I wonder who is the fat cat who profited from the RM2 million that has been spent for the now useless gallons of ink from India. ;)

I know of friends who have specially taken the day off just to travel cross country to cast their votes in their respective home states. To them I wish a safe journey and Syabas! for displaying the spirit of patriotism and duty for the nation. I am also encouraged to see that the level of political awareness among the common people has increased tremendously, be they young or old, highly educated or the average joe, rich or poor. I only hope that all the political rhetoric that they spout is not just hot air and that people will actually go out to vote tomorrow. Remember guys, every vote counts. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

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