Friday, February 29, 2008

Year of the Rat be dammed!!!! or A case for a Mandi Bunga

Ok, 2008 is turning out to be quite an inauspicious year for me (and another fellow piggie). So far we're only a couple of months into the new year and already I've experienced an extraordinary string of bad luck. When the first unfortunate incident happened, I was kinda waiting for the other shoe to drop. Since then, it's been raining footwear on me, I am starting to wonder if Lady Luck is an octopus with a ransom on my head!. Don't believe me? Let's see...

#1. My Canon S80 compact camera LCD screen cracked. Cost to repair: RM380

#2. My house was broken into. Lost a ton of stuff including the home theatre sound system. Cost of loss: Around RM5000. Cost to my sense of security: immeasurable.

#3. My iBook suddenly died. Cost to repair: RM80 (Luckily the problem was a minor one. Otherwise would've been at least 2K) but if counting the petrol needed to purposedly drive up to KL repair it at the BV2 Mac shop: RM400! Why on earth isn't there an Apple store in Melaka???

#4. The underwater camera casing for my standby camera broke. Cost to repair: probably not worth it. Better get a replacement. Cost of replacement? RM600. But since this is a spare, might not bother.

#5. The car battery died one morning. Luckily manage to jumpstart. But the mechanic said I had to change the battery. I only had the car for one year! Cost: RM300

#6. Had to rebook Airasia tickets for the March divetrip due to logistic reasons out of my control. Cost: RM300 (not to count the RM280 I will have to burn for the old tics!)

And last but certainly not the least....

#7. I LOST MY iPhone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Friggindildo said...

awwww.... poor thing... iphone also can lose? how did you lose it?

Could be time to see a fortune teller also leh.Me? i may need one eventually, considering my luck. know of any good ones in KL that I can go to?

snowy said...

alamak... iPhone...noooooooo!!! i feel for you rick. yup! u might want to consider mandi bunga....or check your feng shui....!!

haiya.. damn the RAT!!!

OiNK!! said...

you poor soul. i really feel for you. come over one of these days and let me give you a hug ok ?

Josh said...

Why so kesian one??

Lost iPhone somemore. Aiyoo.... sorry for u.

astherlau said...

Oh u poor poor thing! Ya... after reading ur continous string of bad lucks, better go "mandi bunga". No harm doing it. ;P

Gosh... B extra careful then this year. U can call me superstitious but I do believe in this sort of thing. (Altho not entirely 100%)

I was told by a fellow friend recently dat I should beware whenever I travel (& dive) up in the region covered by South China Sea. Cos this year's supposed to bring lots of unforeseen bad conditions from that part of the world.

Believe it or not, I'm just gona be more alert now that I'll b travelling a lot this year!

So, u should too. Take care!

Beruang Madu said...

Alahai kesiannya u Rick... 2008 pun ada yg tak baik dlam hidup I.. tapi kena go trough jugak... u rugi sana sini tapi kena sabar maa.. life is business... ada masa rugi looo

Amazonman said...

To everyone who posted a message, thank you for ur kind words of consolation. I truly appreciate them.

Dildo: Fortune teller? dunnolah. Automatic teller I knw lah. hehehe

Snowy: maybe u can help me do a mandi bunga ceremony kat Weh kang.

Oink: thanks. but I prefer a new 16G iPhone. Can?

Josh: Yeah lor. blardi kesian.

Asther: Sigh. And i'm going to Weh in two weeks time. Please keep me in ur prayers.

Honey Bear: Thanks bro. I harap things will be better for you too. :)

cute PANDA said...

old hphone gone too meh.. so sory..