Friday, February 15, 2008

Tioman 2008 Part 3

The reef surrounding Tioman was surprisingly healthy in terms of coral coverage and fish abundance, when compared to other east coast islands like Redang and Perhentian.

Visibility too was quite good, with some places reaching 15 - 20m. The undersea currents, were another thing altogether. But I suspect that had to do with the fact that it was still technically monsoon season here.

There were of course lots of fish everywhere, schools of thousands of fish swimmming everywhere above, below and around us.

There weren't that many varieties of nudibranchs that I could spot.

And the ones that I did were very difficult to to take pics of due to the extreme underwater currents.

So I ended up just taking pics of the bigger stuff, like this blue spotted stingray.

There were lots of this particular species of anglefish.

According to the divemaster, nesting season for the cuttlefish was coming soon.

I guess these guys were getting a head start, checking out the properties available to set up a home. ;)

It feels a bit surreal seeing something I usually eat in a deep fried batter floating around like this.

This little fella was hiding under a wooden beam directly below the Salang jetty.

With so much fish swimming about, it's a wonder why Kamal couldn't catch not a one!

I am always fascinted by the sea fan and its intricate branches and fronds.

Later that evening, I went on a night dive at the same site and found this huge hermit crab waiting for me.

And this my friend, is a 'ikan yu bodoh', according to Panda, aka coral cat shark (the fish, not Panda).

Final pic of the day: a large sea pen ( i think). It was the size of a baseball mitt!!


Nickxandar said...

Finally :p

Beautiful dive pics.

cute PANDA said...

bestnyer g tioman;-P

m@x said...

Great pictures. What camera & equipment r u using?

Amazonman said...

Nick: Thanks. Actually the pics tak lah best sangat. Cuma the photoshop elements yg enhanced the pics.

Panda: Yeah it was fun. Nak gi? ;)

M@x: Thanks. I am using a compact camera for u/water pics. Canon S80 and the supplied u/water casing from Canon plus a small strobe.

Beruang Madu said...

Wah...sedapnya nampak ikan2 tu.. ada tangkap ker seekor dua bawak balik... goreng pun sedap tu.. sotong nampak sedap buat sambal sotong.... heheheee Beruang... makan jerrrrrrr!!!!

Josh said...

Wah.... nice pics... Erm... next time I go to islands, boleh pinjam itu camera bawah air ah??