Thursday, February 14, 2008

Tioman 2008 Part 1

Time Magazine called it one of the Top Ten most beautiful islands in the world. Well, that was way back in the 1970's when it was the location of the Hollywood film South Pacific. Today it is a haven for holidaymakers, scuba divers and marine conservationists, enticing all who come to the island with its white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue waters and exotically colourful corals. This... is... Tioman Island!

It was only 7.00am on the first day of Chinese New Year, when I, along with about eighty other holidaymakers boarded the ferry Bluewater 9, for a two hour journey from Mersing across the South China Sea to Tioman, about 25 km off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia.

It was quite a comfortable ride, with fully airconditioned cabins and on-board movie - "Alien vs Predator". Since I had already seen it, I decided to head up to the open air observation deck to get some fresh air.

The upper deck was already full of people when I climbed up. I guess the cool sea 'breeze' was too strong a temptation for most people to stay indoors. That or the seasickness was beginning to set in. ;)

Along the way, small rocky islands jut out of the blue waters beckoning us to stop by for a swim on its sandy beaches.

Soon, the twin peaks of Tioman island became visible and our hearts began to race in anticipation of finally arriving at our destination.

We had to do a bit of jetty hopping before we got to our drop-off point which was Salang Village.

Salang is a fishing village turned divers' haven on Tioman's north-western shore. The beach here is considered the best for erm.. frolicking as well as people watching. ;)

The house reef just below the jetty is filled with fish and is a favourite fishing spot among the locals and visitors alike.

We finally reached Salang and as we slowly made pur way to the village, we rested easy that our luggage was being very well taken care of. ;)

We arrived rather early, about 10.00am, so most of the shops and restaurants were still closed. Sigh, I guess I'll have to just munch some CNY biscuits that Mom made to stave off the hunger.

As it was still technically the monsoon season on the east coast, the winds were very strong. And the waves were quite high and ominous as well. Oh dear...

As soon as we got our rooms, my thoughts of hunger dissolved as I plopped into bed for some much needed sleep.

In my sleep, I dreamt I was walking by the beach with my loved one as the waves lapped at my feet....

Thanks to Rosman for the great pics. I owe you one, bro!

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