Friday, February 15, 2008

Tioman 2008 Part 2

Here's some more random pics from the beautiful island of Tioman. Once again, thanks to Rosman for allowing me to post his pics on my blog.

There was a beautiful resort perched on the side of the cliff next to the Salang village. According to the locals, it belongs to the Pahang Sultanate. My question is, is there a lift or elevator for the people living on the upper tiers?

Meanwhile, we had to settle for these wooden huts built on stilts. Well, actually my unit was behind these sea-front chalets.... no view, no wind, no air-con! Budget mah!

Still, overall, the resort was very comfy and comfortable. During the day, our room was cool (with the windows open) and the nights were even colder. Perfect for snuggling ;)

The beach was not too bad. (Redang and Perhentian beaches are better.) Some parts had rocks and dead corals strewn all over the sand making the place a bit difficult to walk or swim in.

The last time I came to Salang (and Tioman) was about fifteen years ago. Back then I remember the place had the most beautiful unspoilt beach I've ever seen. Now, it's a bit more polluted and it broke my heart to see a lot of white coral bits get washed onto the shore.

Still, the jetty and the seaside cafes made for very charming photos and the relaxed atmosphere there makes one just wanna sit back and enjoy Mother Nature's bounty.

Some of the guys went hiking to the other side of the island, which took them on a trail up a cliff, down a jungle and across a waterfall. So sad I didn't get to join them. Too busy diving!

Kamal even managed to squeeze in some time to go fishing off the pier. Alas, he caught nothing more than forty winks and a few mosquito bites. Hehehe.

The weather throughout our time there was really good. The sun was shining and the sea breeze was very enticing albeit a tad bit strong. Perfect for some photography sessions.. except I was too busy diving! Sigh!

As the waves were too strong, we were discouraged from going out on the small boats and kayaks by ourselves, so we had to settle for beach volleyball and romantic walks by the beach... which I didn't get to do because, you guessed it, I was busy diving! ;)


Josh said...

Wow, nice pics bro, doesn't go inline with the text you had.
I'd been there 10 years ago, the beaches were already damaged by then. As a conservationist, I got sadden by the sight of dead corals on the beach.

Nickxandar said...

Since you said that you were busy diving, the next set of photos better be diving photos :p

Yeah .. Perhentian looks much nicer but was Tioman cheaper as in the overall stay cost?