Monday, December 04, 2006

Dive Pics Southern Thailand: Koh Waen

On our final day, we stopped at Koh Waen, another nearby island on the way back to the jetty for a short dive.

Visibility wasn't very good here, partly because the was a thrunderstorm the night before which mixed up a bit of the muck on the seabed. Still, that doesn't stop these fries from going for a group excursion to the nearby marine megamall.... Here fishy fishy fishy.....

Here's a blenny who got left behind and woke up to find out that the entire family has left for Paris......

This volcano-like structure is actually a huge sea sponge. It may look dormant but actually a lot of activity is going on behind the scene. Every minute about 10 gallon of sea water goes through the tiny pores all over the sponge, and is filtered through individual cells of its microscopic nutrients before being 'ejected' through the volcano mouth back into the sea.

This juvenile yellow boxfish was extremely hard to shoot (a pic) as it kept darting here and there, like the juvenile emperor angelfish. I shall get you soon enough!

These two leaf-like structures are actually fish. Robust ghost pipefish, to be exact. But since they float around and follow the movement of the current and dead leaves, it is very hard to spot them unless are very experienced and you have very keen eyesight.

The Goliath of the nudibranch world: Ceratosoma tenue. It was at least six inches long and has something most other nudis don't: A long muscular tail.

A whole family of clownfish in their anemone home. Hmm.... where's Dory?

A lone pufferfish being cleaned by a bunch of cleaner shrimps at the local cleaning station. Think of it as a spa for fish. Aaaaahhhhh..... that's the life.

Soft Corals come in all shapes, colours and sizes. This is an entire garden of floral soft coral, so named because the stalks look Hehehe

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