Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Why dentists have the highest suicide rate

How Much?

D (Dentist): Come in..... (Patient comes in the surgery room)... Good morning....

P (Patient): Eh, you extract teeth how much ah?

D: Erm... It depends....I would need to examine your tooth first. Please take a seat (motions to the dental chair).

P: It's oklah (refuses to approach the chair). I just want to know how much.

D: I will need to see the condition of the tooth to determine what sort of treatment or procedure is required, only then can I tell you how much....

P: Oh like that ah? If I just let you see, do I have to pay or not? If have to pay, I don't want.

D: ??!!?!?


Case of the thinning teeth

D: Miss P, I've examined your teeth and you will need to have it cleaned first and then there are three cavities that needs to be filled.

P: Clean? No needlah, I just brushed my teeth this morning.

D: Not brushing. I have to remove the tartar. You cannot clean those out by just brushing.

P: Really meh? They say that if let the dentist clean, my teeth will become thin (wear out) very fast.

D: Don't worry, miss. Your teeth will not suffer any adverse effects from professional cleaning.

P: It's oklah. I can clean by myself. (looks at the dentist like he's a fraudster out to cheat her of her money).



Child patient and her mother comes in.

D: Hello, Jeanie. How are you?

J: Waaaahhhhhhh!!!!

D: Oh dear. Please don't cry. (Looks at her mother) Madam Tan, has she got any toothache?

M: No lah. Her front teeth want to come out already, so her milk teeth very loose need to take out.

D: Oh I see. (Looks back at Jeanie) Ok, Jeanie, don't worry. No pain. Can you sit here?

J: Waaaaahhhhhhhhh!

D: Don't cry don't cry. Ok. Uncle won't take out today. Uncle just see only ok?

J: Waaaaaaahhhhhhh!

D: Wait later I give you sticker, you like sticker? You just let uncle see your teeth, can?

J: Waaaaahhhhhh!


I Dowan!

D: Hello, little girl. How are you?

Girl's mother: Hello Dr. My daughter Kim complained of toothache last night. I think need to pull out lah.

D: Hello Kim.

K: I don't want to extract.

D: Ok. ok. I just want to see, can?

K: I don't want to extract.

D: No, uncle won't extract. Promise. Can just see?

K: I don't want to extract.

D: Ok ok. So Kim, how old are you?

K: I don't want to extract.

D: Erm.... ok. Do you like to watch cartoons? Mickey Mouse? Teletubbies?

K: I don't want to extract.

D: Sigh........


Private Vs. Public

P: Dr., how much you charge for an extraction?

D: Well, it depends on the procedure required. Perhaps I can take a look at the tooth first?

P: Ok.... (opens his mouth and lets the dentist do an examination).

D: Hmm.... ok. You will only require a simple extraction.

P: And how much is that?

D: Between RM30 and RM40.

P: WAH! So expensive one ah?

D: No lah sir. It's actually quite low already compared to...

P: I went to the other place, they only charge me RM5.

D: Aiyoh, Mr. Tan. Where got so cheap one? You must have heard wrongly.

P: No, I distinctively heard the nurse there say the price of an extraction in RM5.

D: Where?

P: Over there... the government clinic at the corner*.

D: Sir, government and private cannot compare lah.

P: You all want to cheat us. RM30 means every tooth you extract, you earn RM25! You think I cannot count?

* Public hospitals and clinics charge a nominal fee for basic medical and dental treatment which does not reflect on the actual cost of the treatment. 90% of the actual cost of the treatment at public institiutions are borne (subsidised) by the Government.



Shah said...

Hahahahahahahaha.... Never realised you were so funny... That Waaaahhhhhhh!!!! story really tickled me.

crewcut75 said...

To all the unsung heroes of our society, we salute you.

If you don't do these 'dirty' jobs, who will?

Amazonman said...

Thanks Shah. It would be even funnier had it not been true stories. Really, all these are based on actual incidents.

sbanboy said...

Finally u posted this entry ...good good :D