Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dive Pics Southern Thailand: Nudi Heaven, Diver Hell

Our final dive was off Koh Mook, yet another small rocky outcrop with a large reef surrounding it. The underwater current was quite strong and much of the first half of our dive was spent fighting the current, crawling and clawing our way to avoid being swept away.

It was however a very fruitful dive as far as nudibranches were concerned. For although there wasn't much to see by way of corals and such, the mucky sandy bottom was thriving with nudis and I quickly forgot about the hellish Act 1 of the dive.

This is the first time I've seen this nudi, a Jorunna funebris or more commonly known as the Ringed Dorid. It is almost white with a pattern of black 'islands' that act as the perfect camouflage agisnt the backdrop of the mucky seabed.

This is a *blank* (to be filled by the nudimaster Asther).... UPDATE: Asther thinks this is a variant of Risbecia pulchella but she can't be sure as the gills are *absent*.

This pair of very frilly nudis are probably on their way to a ball for a flamenco performance. Hehehe

This is similar to the pair in the pic above - the Glossodoris atromarginata - except he's a loner going to gate-crash the flamenco party.

I know I've seen pics of this critter before somewhere but darn it, I can't seem to find its identity! UPDATE: This is a a color variation of Glossodoris cincta.

This is a Phyllidia pustulosa which is very similar to the more common Phyllidia elegans which has yellow rhinopores instead of black. (Asther, rhinopores are the two little black bumps at the front like sesungut, right?)

This is another species of the chromodoris genus called Chromodoris fidelis. So many of these I've only seen for the first time!

Another variant of the Phyllidia pustulosa.... or elegans..... TBC

Last but not least is this nudi probably from the Aphelodoris sp. UPDATE: Asther is debating this to be a Chromodoris trimarginata or Chromodoris preciosa..... Will send her the hi-res pics to help her decide. TBC

As usual, anyone who can help identify or confirm the nomenclature of these nudis, feel free to leave a message/comment. And a big thanks to Asther for all her help!


Asther said...

Ok... let me try... Hehehe...

Nudi 1
= Phyllidia ocellata

Nudi 2
= Jorunna funebris (yup, u're correct!)

Nudi 3
= I think it's a Risbecia pulchella, however I can't be sure with the absence of its gills. Can u email me the actual photo?

Nudi 4
= Glossodoris atromarginata

Nudi 5
= A color variation of Glossodoris cincta

Nudi 6
= Color variation of Glossodoris atromarginata (so d same as Nudi 4)

Nudi 7
= Phyllidiella pustulosa (elegans has yellow rhinophores)

Nudi 8
= Yup... Chromodoris fidelis (I'm JEALOUS! I missed dat one!)

Nudi 9
= Could be Phyllidiella pustulosa as well or a Phyllidiella lizae. Need to hv a clearer photo to determine.

Nudi 10
= I'm debating this to be a Chromodoris trimarginata or Chromodoris preciosa. Need more photos, original size so I can zoom and see more details. Email me, lar d pics.

Amazonman said...

Thanks Asther for all your help. Will send you the hires pics. Pls check your emailbox

sbanboy said...

Great pics ...... wow the strobe light is a good investment .... more please :D

Asther said...

No sweat, lar, amazonman. Yup, rhinophores are the "sesungut" as u called it. Hahaha...

Haven't received ur email yet. ???

Anonymous said...

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