Monday, July 09, 2007

Redang'07: Dive pics Part 1

Last month I organised a diving trip to Redang for a few of my church buddies, as well as for my sis and her bf to go for their open water scuba diving course. I also met Asther there as well who had gone there with her fiance for a well earned holiday.

I love diving in Redang because of the beautiful and exotic corals, fish and other sea creatures that lends an otherworldly quality to the diving experience.

Even the simplest of creatures, like this jellyfish, if you just take the time to appreciate them, will reveal wonderful shapes and patterns that are a testament to Nature's creativity and beauty.

The idea of scuba diving quite suddenly struck my sister's fancy a week before the trip. So she persuaded (read: demanded) her bf to come along and take the course with her. Ah... such is the labour of love. ;)

I showed a friend of mine recently a picture of what I thought was a very beautiful specimen of nudibranch, and what was his comment? "Urgh!.... sea slug!" Sigh.....

Finally managed to get a semi-clear shot of this squiggly "urgh... sea slug!" ... actually it was a two-for-the-price-of-one shot.... they were clearly in the midst of the labours of ...ahem... love?

I think I remember seeing this fella from the last time I dived in Perhentian.... Flabellina rubrolineata .... stop following me!

Another type of jellyfish just happily floating along with the sea current.... while its stinging tentacles wreak havoc on those divers who were 'smart' enough to go diving in 'shorties'.

This juvenile lionfish was left all alone in its lair by its parents. We found it looking quite dazed and confused in a lone coral-filled old tyre on the sandy banks just in front of the resort.

This is... erm.. I think, a variety of sea fan..... I like its multihued fronds, the way it turns from a core of deep magenta into a heady yellow mess at the tips.

Lest you complain of the lack of nudi pics, here's one for the road. Erm.. Asther, I a bit malas lah.... what species is this ah?

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