Monday, July 09, 2007

Redang'07: Dive pics Part 2

Catch Supergirl and Superboy in action as they glide through the ocean depths in search of the elusive Intelligence Crystals so that they can become smarter and not pose like silly dorks while scuba diving!

Meanwhile, the monkey and I were spending some quality time together. Ok... that didn't come out right..... Anyway, it was quite tame and very human-like in its behaviour and mannerism. Not surprisingly as humans and primates share more than 95% of the same DNA.

A lot of the guys in our diving company were quite excited and at the same time apprehensive about entering an underwater cave. It was a swim-through that presented quite a challenge to some of the newbies as they kept bumping their tanks on the roof of the cave.

It actually is quite exhilirating to see stalagtic formations in a dimly lit underwater setting where the only light is coming from the reflections of the bubbles that you exhale as you squint your eyes to follow the shadowy silhouettes of divers further in front of you.

Yet another nudibranch, this is time its a stringy millipede like fella called... (to be filled in by Asther, hehehe)

This spotty critter measured about three inches in length and is the largest flatworm I have ever seen.

There seemed to be more jellyfish in the water this time around. I wonder if it has anything to do with increased pollution, changes in sea temperature or perhaps even La Nina/El Nino?

I was dragged kicking and screaming into doing a night dive with the guys. I don't quite like it not because of the darkness and the possibility of swimming headlong into the gaping mouth of Jaws without even realising it till it's too late... no, I don't like it much because it's usually when the dinner bell's just been rung. There you are stuffing yourself into an uncomfortably cold wet suit when you could be stuffing yourself silly with barbacued chicken wings and slabs of crispy fried squid.....

This is a crab. It could have been on my dinner plate, doused in a delicious sweet sour broth, hot and spicy, just waiting for me to deftly suck out its sweet meat from within its hard shell.... But no, I have to be content with just sitting there holding my camera and shining a torch at tiny little crevices under 15m of seawater.

I find the cuttlefish such an amazing creature. It glides effortlessly a few inches above the seabed, without making so much as a flutter on the loose sandy , like nature's hovercraft. Also makes a nice supper snack too..... Can you tell I'm hungry?

Ok, the sight of this little scorpionfish just killed my apetite. But after having looked at it for a while, it does look kinda cute, doesn't it?

There was a colony of almost invisible little cleaner shrimps on this clump of hard coral. My S80 couldn't get close enough to catch a good macro shot so I had to make do with just zooming in as much as I could from about half a foot away. Hmm.... maybe it's time to change to the G7.... or better yet, a DSLR!....

I was having a bit of trouble positioning my strobe lights for much of the dive.... it just kept flooding an area either just beyond or in front of the focus point.

This is not a shell fish. The shell has actually been hijacked by a small hermit crab to be used as a shelter and camouflage from predators.

And have I saved the 'best' for last. This is a starburst pufferfish (Asther, correct ah?) that Erwin almost collided into while trying to work out his buoyancy. Big, and ugly. Kinda reminds me of my highschool chemistry teacher, especially with that gaping mouth and huge belly.


sbanboy said...

Hey u sure you were dragged kicking and screaming ??? ;)

Asther said...

Photo 5: I THINK this is a color form of Pteraeolidia ianthina. But I could be wrong. More pics will help. ;)

Final Photo: This is a Map Puffer (Arothron mappa)

U've seen so much on this trip. *JEALOUS* cos I DIDN'T see much on d same weekend! :( Thanx for sharing. :D