Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Some Chinese Humour

I know it is mean to make fun of other people's English, especially since my Engrand isn't so powderful either. But seriously, Chinglish really does live up (or down) to its reputation.

This sign was found outside the panda enclosure. Suddenly, suddenness happened!

See, it's so protected, there's nary a scratch to be found!

The 'hills' in question were only moss covered 50ft rocks in the Imperial garden. Actually this reminds me of a former pastor in my church who loved to use the word 'perilous' in his sermons, only he pronounced it as pe-ree-lee-us. It took us an hour of his boring sermon before any one of us could figure out what perilious meant.

Step aside, iPhone! Now China has produced the world's first cellphone that speaks by itself!

Erm.... please watch for .... what??

I have a friend whose name is Take (pronounced Ta-kay). Maybe this sign is for him.

Yes, in accordance with Chinese moral traditions, we accord priority for the visitace...

The grass very luxuriant meh? Can count the blades some more.

If this is the back side hall, I can't wait to see the ...... (please fill in the blanks). ;)

Tourist stops!... In the name of love..... Before you break any of the china.... Tourist stops! ..... In the name of love....

This gives a whole new meaning to the term eternal sleep. Oh and also to laying him to rest. Oh oh and also to dead sleep. Wow I'm on a roll!

I think scribbling is the least of the cultural relic protectors' worry. Having witnessed it firsthand, may I suggest Please don't spit (anywhere you feel like it) ?

Yes i know I have posted this pic before. But surely any place that exhibits moonlight and water that gurgles is worth another mention?

Erm... does this mean that this facility is only open to people whose surname/lastname is oldman?

No comment!

Ok, I always thought that AIDS is considered the dreaded sexually tremsitted disease. Maybe they have found a Chinese traditional cure for AIDS.

And last but not least, please hit your head on this signboard CAREFULLY.


Josh said...

Ha haha... i had a good laugh. They literally translated the chinese words. Anyway, they had improved much, especially in big city like Shanghai.

Friggindildo said...

oh geez... but I agree with Josh...literal translation is always badly and most awfully done! hahahaha~

irastilettos said...

hahah this is so damn funny!!