Saturday, December 29, 2007

Garden Fit For a Sultan

Just in front of the palace is a garden that has recently been opened to the public. It boasts of beautifully landscaped flower beds, shady trees and little Japanese style bridges.

This place would perhaps make a very good location for wedding pictures... you know, those over-airbrushed, over-photoshopped (and way over-priced) pics of happy couple about to enter the worst years of their lives. Hehehe

This would have been a lovely place for a romantic rendezvous had the 'stream' been a real one.

The flowers, however, were definitely very real. And looked well tended to as well.

There were lots of different shades of the hibiscus, which is Malaysia's national flower.

I am trying out close-up shots with my new Tamron lens. Ok kah?

Don't exactly know what flower this is. Can anybody help?

Is this a type of morning glory? I'm not too sure as it was already quite late in the afternoon when I took this. Perhaps its a cousin... the evening glory. ;)

I found this peachy hibiscus very interesting because of its hearty shade of red at its core.

Another one of those 'specially designed' corridors perfect for wedding photo ops.

These cutesy little flowers reminded me of those multi-flavoured jelly beans that I used to buy at the school tuck-shop. Update: According to Hamdi, this is a type of Chicken Shit Flower. ;)

I thought this one sported a very strong red which contrasted well with its leafy green background.

Some more 'chicken shit' for you. Hehehe

Another attempt at a macro shot. Comments? Update.... According to fellow blogger Hamdi, this (and pic #4 above as well the pic below)) is a type of Kemunting cina (Chinese... erm... Kemunting. ;) )

I really like the red filaments coming out of the bell shaped petals.

Please help me fill in the blanks by identifying this flower. Update: According to Cute Panda, this is a type of Bird of Paradise.... (or Heliconia by another name ;)

By this time it was getting to be really hot. But i was so engrossed in taking the pics of the flowers I didn;t realise my shirt was already drenched in sweat.

Another shot of hibiscus(es?) in full bloom.

Please help me fill in the blanks....

Please help me fill in the blanks..... Update: According to Hamdi, this is chicken shit blooms from the kampung. Seriously, they should start coining up better names for flowers.

I didn't realise how far we've walked away from the palace till I turned around and found myself just behind the St. Paul's cathedral. I thoroughly enjoyed myself that afternoon and I should do this more often.


MiTodo said...

I think the white with 4 petals is a type of Kemunting Cina

Then pic 11 and 13 is Bunga Taik Ayam Kampung or Lantana Camara

The very yellow with many petals is 'bunga taik ayam'

THen the Yellow orangey pointy is a type of Heliconia

- Hamdi

Amazonman said...

Hamdi: Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it. :)

Beruang Madu said...

wahhhh bang...cantiknya gambar...lama sungguh Shah tak bawak gi jenjalan amik gamba bunga.... apa pun..SELAMAT TAHUN BARU 2008... semoga semakin sukses...

Beruang Madu said...

SELAMAT TAHUN BARU 2008... cantiknya bunga bunga tu... lama tak gi amik gamba macam tu...

Josh said...

Waa... cantik. Nice photos, bro. Where's this garden, Melacca?

Amazonman said...

Honey Bear: Thanks for ur well wishes. Happy and Properous Year 2008 to you too.

Josh: It's in the garden in front of the istana Kesultanan Melaka.