Friday, January 04, 2008

The Box of Chocolates

There is a snow globe of Kuala Lumpur on my book shelf. It contains tiny replicas of the Petronas Twin Towers, the KL Tower, the monorail and other distinctive monuments in the city.

Of course, when the snow globe is shaken, tiny 'snow' flakes are strewn everywhere within the watery atmosphere and suddenly everything is in chaos. The towers gets distorted by the rippling liquid and the snow flakes flying about hide it from view. Then, slowly as the liquid settles down, the flakes sink back to the floor of the globe one by one. Before long, the interior is clear again and once more, the tiny replicas that were blanketed by the curtain of flakes becomes visible in their original positions, umblemished by the momentary storm.

Sometimes, just when things are going well and your life is peaceful and calm, reality gives you a good shake. The blizzard blows over everything in its path, hiding them from view with the snow of uncertainty. But after a while, when the storm has passed, all that is real will prevail and once more, those that we hold dear will shine brightly in the sun. They are never gone, the real and important things, like love, trust and faith, no matter what happens outside. Life's like that.


Beruang Madu said...

Hi Amazonman, just to inform u that my new blog is tyro88 and no longer tyro55. And mulai dari sekarang blog yg aktif yg 88 tulah... blog lama akan ditutup sebaik baik saja proses pemindahan data selesai.. tengkiu!!

Nickxandar said...

Just like the towers in your snow globe, some things stay the same when everything else around it goes crazy in chaos. The trick in to recognize that sometimes things are actually the scenery in a snow globe that doesn’t need to worry about being shaken around. The gold foil snowflake are just momentary things that seem to complicate the scenery when the snow globe is shaken.

I think I’ve wringed the snow globe analogy to death by now :p

Amazonman said...

Honey Bear: Tenkiu for the info... Dah tukar ape2 yg patut. Good luck on ur new blog.

Nick: Erm... yeah u did. But mighty appreciated. Thanks.