Thursday, January 10, 2008

Broken List :((

Update: Here's a list of the things the bastards took. Sigh....

1. DVD player and 5.1 stereo sound system. They even took away the small back speakers and 'graciously' left me the speaker stands.

2. Ogawa foot Massager

3. Two extension cords (presumably for their 'new' stereo system and foot massager.)

4. A few nice photoframes. (That also they want to take!)

5. Black&Decker Dustbuster (which is broken. Hehehe.)

6. A few bottles of liquor including the Italian Limoncello and South African Whisky given to me by Mookie - Sorry Mook!)

7. All my remote controls!!!! (Even for the TV and the Astro which they didn't take. Now I have to use the controls on the TV to change the channels.)

8. Set of Kitchen knives. (Yeah I hope they cut themselves with them!)

9. Set of Camping Equipment including the tent (very nice blue one :(( ) and sleeping bag.

10. Huge collection of premium grade porn. (Just kidding.)

11. My sense of security in my own house.

I am sure there's more stuff that they took which I still haven't discovered. Will check again later tonight. Sigh.


12. Just found out they also took a few nice wooden tea light holders I bought from Bangkok.

13. Braun Power Drill set complete with the drill bits and screws. (SCREW THEM!!!)

14. A portable handheld torch light cum battery given to me by Sbanboy as Christmas pressie> Sorry buddy. :(


Josh said...

I'm sure they'd kept their eyes on your house for quite some times. They came with vehicles, to transport those stolen goods.

It happened to my neighbour. I'd once notice this car repeatedly passing our house for days. They broke into my neighbour's house a few days later. Never seen the car again thereafter.

Solution? alarm system.

Amazonman said...

Panda: Thanks.... entah kenapa ur message tak kuar... but yeah, nanti kita gi cari system barulah. ;)

Josh: Something wrong with the comments part... ur one comment tak kuar juga. Anyway, thanks and will take ur suggestion to pasang alarm.

sbanboy said...

Good thing it happened when you were not home .... at least it is good to know that you are safe. Take k

Shah said...

Sorry to hear about the break in. Hope they didn't take your camera bro.

Amazonman said...

sbanboy: thanks. Its all just things... can buy back....;)

shah:tak... camera i bring with me. if camera kena curi, terus pengsan!!!