Monday, January 07, 2008

Top Ten Excuses Patients Give To Get A Discount

No. Ten
I've know your father. He was my schoolmate/work colleague/my teacher/someone I met on the street.....

No. Nine
The other clinic is offering the same treatment for half the price. (Yeah, right!)

No. Eight
We are of the same religion.

No. Seven
Charge my daughter less lah. She's still studying. (You mean she has pay for her dental treatment? Aren't you, the parent, supposed to pay for her?)

No. Six
If you extract two, got cheaper or not?

No. Five
If you give me a discount, I will ask all my friends to come see you. (And if I don't, you will tell them to stay away? Is this a threat then?)

No. Four
Singapore is only charging X amount. (Madam, THIS IS MALAYSIA, not Singapore. And by the way, they charge in Singapore dollars which is 2.3X the value of the Malaysian ringgit. )

No. Three
I thought you said it was only x ringgit the last time I saw you? (Which was let me see..... oh 1998???)

No. Two
You've lost weight/You gained weight... Now become such a leng chai doctor... (Puh-lease.)

The No. One excuse patients come up with to get a discount from me is...

We have the same surname leh....


yedz2005 said...

i got good price with my broken smile, hehehe

Amazonman said...

Yedz: Hmm... yeah actually u did. HOw come ah? You got same surname with the doctor is it? ;)

Beruang Madu said...

hahahhahaaaa very funny very funny... laughter the best medicine...!!!

Friggindildo said... same surname? does that make us long-lost cousins? are we suppose to embrace n wish each other well?

Josh said...

I read your blog wo, no discount meh? heheh

Funny but interestingly true entry!

kok@un said...

do you offer 'maintenance agreement' for the valued patients??

usually the customer could get cheaper price by signing up this agreement...hehe