Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More Sinful Scenes

Continuing our journey cross country, we erm.. crossed the big ditch they call Singapore River ( a bit like KL's big ditch, Klang River also lah.... but less smelly) to the other side.

For those who have a fear of heights, they have also prepared an underpass. But you cannot ride your bike through it. You must push it through. Otherwise they will fine you SG$1000!! I wonder why.

Singapore has this guy to thank for its First World Status. No , this is not LKY, but Sir Stamford Raffles. He is the British Governor who managed to 'persuade' the Johor Sultanate to allow him to establish a British settlement on the island and build a free trade post, thus laying the foundation for modern day Singapore.

Down the road, we came across the Victoria Concert Hall. It is a very impressive colonial style building in white and very well restored.

Everything about the building was so.... pretty and clean.... and perfect. No grafitti on the wall, no cigarrette butts on the floor, not beggars waiting for some spare change, no nothing. Is this Utopia?

Next to the concert hall was the Victoria Theatre. It looked like a graduation ceremony was underway.

There was a sea of blue and white gowns and hats, with lots of happy faces congratulating one another and cameras flashing away to capture the joyous occasion.

Meanwhile, lurking around the corner was the local version of Quasimodo, unhappy that he is unable to join in the festivities.

Just beside the majestic Fullerton Hotel is this dramatic statue of five boys jumping into the river for a swim. Ah... reminds me of the time I was five and there was a flood in my hometown, and all of us kids were playing in the river that had overflowed its banks... In hindsight, that was an extremely dangerous thing to do. It's a wonder that nobody drow... Oh... no wonder I never saw Ah Beng since that day.....

Now now, for those you who are thus inclined, let me just say, "Down, boy! Down!" It's only a statue. ;)

We decided to cross the river at the most historical bridge in all of Singapore, the Cavenagh Bridge.

Originally known as Edinburgh Bridge, the Cavenagh Bridge is the only suspension bridge in Singapore and the oldest bridge to exist in its original form. So I guess all the other 'newer' bridges now allow cattle and horses to pass lah. ;)

Singapore is well known for its skscrapers, and one of its taller ones is the Maybank Tower. It has 32 floors and stands at a height of 175 metres. Gave me a neck ache just to take this pic.

Evening shot of the Singapore river. So peaceful.... so serene....

The Merlion standing proudly spewing out Newater at the tourists taking pics nearby. ;)

Across the bay is the Eye Of Singapore, which is bigger and grander than the Eye of KL.

This is the Esplanade Theatre Building with its infamous durian roof.

The durian spikes up close, shot using my new Tamron AF 18-250 lens. :)

Here's a few kids out for a Sunday stroll.

Little trinkets painted by kids used as Raya/Christmas/New Year decorations along the Esplanade.

The Durian building all lit up at night gives it a golden glow.

And that's about it for our stroll in Sin city...erm.. i mean Lion City. ;)


Josh said...

Hey Amazonman, you've got some very nice pics! really. Nice angle. Vibrant colour. You must have enjoyed your stay there, judging from your ear-to-ear grin.

Amazonman said...

Thanks Josh. Yes I did have a great time there. Great sights, great food, great company. ;)

Re: the pics... vibrant meh? it was quite downcast all afternoon when the pics were taken. Photoshop helped... a lot. ;)