Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Broken In!

My house has just been broken in. Came back after dinner this evening and found the front door broken in. Funny thing was the padlock on the front grill was still intact. Now I am without my dvd player and the stereo system. The bastards even took the speakers and the subwoofer! Good thing the TV was too big and heavy for them to cart away!

Am going to sulk now. Sigh.


cute PANDA said...

haiyoo... so sad..kene beli lain lorrr

Josh said...

So kesian ma.. No alarm system installed?
Sorry to hear this.

Beruang Madu said...

alamak..kesiannya... hmmm bawa bersabar yer...

Amazonman said...

Panda: yeah... we can go shopping again hahaha

Josh: NO alarm... but will install one this weekend. thanks.

Honey Bear: yeah... kena terima lah segala galanya. It's not the end of the world. hehehe thanks.

Friggindildo said...

damn! sorry to hear about your break-in, dear! are you ok? don't worry to much, at least those things can be replaced and at least no one was hurt!

well, unless those a-holes got so accidentally tripped and stab themselves with the knives they stole! (why knives?) are they gonna melt the metal or something?

is this the condo unit or house?

damn! you need a dog!

you'll be fine! did you make a police report? like that would help! get one of your malay friends with political connections to help.. bet that would help speed the case and catch the crooks!!