Monday, January 21, 2008

A Pink Parade

Our Sentosa Underwater World admission ticket also included entry to the Dolphin Lagoon show. So off we went on the very colourful and comfortable green bus to the other side of the island.

When we arrived, the show had just started, but there was already a crowd. So we had to settle for standing room at the back of the makeshift stage.

Luckily I had the zoom lens I just got earlier that day. So this was a great opportunity to put it to test.

One by one the pink dolphins performed their tricks and stunts to the ooohs and awwws of the mesmerised crowd.

They could even swim up and shake flippers/hands with their trainers.

This dolphin is coming in for her annual checkup

But before she gets to see the doctor, she lets the cute 'receptionist' give her a squeeze and a rub.

The doctor starts by checking her teeth to see if there're any cavities. Hmm... the doc must really love the smell of stale tuna. ;)

From one end to the other. Now the doc takes a look at her tail to check if she's been to the tattoo parlour lately.

Junior here likes to show off her ball balancing skill.

His big brother's a real bully. He wrestles the ball from Junior and gives it back to the lady tranier to score some tuna points.

C'mon everybody... Clap your hands ... and let's do the twist....

"Hula hoop anyone? Bet you can't hula the way I can!"

"C'mon sweetie pie.... gimme a kiss right on the lips... yes... mmm.... now stick out your tongue..." SLAP SLAP!

You can jump thru one hoop? That's so yesterday. I can jump thru two! Beat that!

Now its time to say goodbye to friends and family... M...I...C... See ya real soon! K...E...Y... Why? Because we love you! D-O-L-P-H-I-Nnnnn!

Wow, what a great performance. Those pink dolphins were so intelligent and adorable.... Hey, where did my friend go? :((

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