Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Love Drug

One thing about Indonesia that stuck in my mind long after I've returned home was the sheer variety of music styles and ideas that brews in the Indonesian music scene. Indeed, many of Indonesia's pop icons are also very popular here in Malaysia, including Sheila On 7, Samsons and of course Kris Dayanti.

I was most impressed by an R&B artiste by the name of Marcell, who performs a blend of pop, old-school R&B and traditional Indonesian gamelan music that is very soothing to the ears.

In this video for the song Candu Asmara (literally, Love Opium), he sings of his lady love casting a spell on him making him become addicted to her like a love drug.

One minor gripe tho: He should fire his hairstylist for that ghastly 'electrocuted' look. :p


M@x said...

I love Hidup album. My fave track is "Bukan lagu cinta". Nice duet. Fab vocals.

Amazonman said...

Thanks... I will go look for that CD.