Thursday, July 10, 2008

Steamboat For Daddy Day

A couple weeks ago, the entire Gan clan (meaning me, my sisters and my parents) wnet out for a Father's Day dinner celebration. We gave Daddy the choice of what to eat and he insisted on steamboat even though he had just had that two weeks earlier. So we went to the usual place at Sri Petaling.

The place had just started for the day, so they were still getting things ready, arranging the tables etc. So we had lots of time... and guess what we did....

Even my dad and mom were sporting enough to pose for me. :p

Before long, the waiter came to switch on the gas and light the mini stove to heat the soup.

Sis made sure the waiter brought lots and lots of sambal and cut chilli. This woman has a stomach of steel!

The plate by plate, the goodies came. First up was the seafood platter filled to the brim with prawns, squid, jellyfish and wanton.

My dad practically drooled down his shirt when he saw the prawns....

This semi circle pastry is called erm... Sui kau. (Water dog?) It's made of prawn and fish meat wrapped in a wanton-like dough paper.

The balls were next. There were fish balls, sotong balls, pork balls, even beef balls.

There was also the vegetable platter, which included lettuce, spinach and various kinds of mushrooms. Don't they look cute?

So, everything goes into either one of these two compartments. The left is filled with clear seafood broth, while the right is filled with tom yam soup.

Just look at that 'fierce' red hot soup.... and it tasted soooo delicious!

"Hey, you took my prawn! Stay away from those lovely beef balls. They're mine! All mine! Bwahaha!!!"

"I'll fight you for it! En garde!"

"Oh God..... I'm so full!..... I think I'm going to faint......."

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