Thursday, August 14, 2008

Labuan Botanical Garden

Mark beought me on a leisurely evening stroll around Labuan's very own Botanical Garden.

The Botanical Garden, was formerly the site of the Government House which was built in 1847 but was completely destroyed during World War II.

Today it is a very well-kept garden filled with luscious greenery, shady lanes and small outdoor gyms for people to walk or jog and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

There were many flowering plants everywhere and I took the opportunity to test out the macro function of my new compact camera, the Canon G9.

I must credit Mark for being such a gracious host as he was waiting patiently while I took shot after shot of the beautiful plants and scenery.

This is a very popular jogging and exercising spot for many locals, and also a place where many a 'kereta rosak' can be found too. Wink wink.

On the grounds are a couple of graveyards that are believed to be the oldest on the island. These graves were transferred from Ramsey Point next to the beach, which was facing the threat of erosion by the ocean tides. One of them is that of Commander James A. Gordan of HMS Wolf, who was present at the handing over of Labuan to the British on December 24, 1846 and who assisted in the construction of the grounds.

The other one is a grave of a much-loved foxhound by the name of 'Jim' who dies in 1966.

There are numerous lakes and streams in the park. Quaint gazebos and cute little bridges were built along these picturesque spots which further added the garden's appeal as a lovers' haunt.

One particular lake has since dried up, and is now filled with patches of lily and the cement frame of a broken down bridge.

As soon as I finished taking this picture, a lady went down to the lily flower and plucked it right off its stalk to give to her little girl as a hair ornament.... which she threw away two minutes after! What a waste!

I think this is a very large bougainvilla bloom. Anyone care to correct me if I'm wrong?

Incy wincy spider climbed up the water spout....

Before we knew it, we had spent an hour and a half walking round the park. Dusk was upon us and my stomach was beginning to growl in protest.

Mark too was becoming a bit restless and hastened me to finish up my picture taking. Later I found out that he wasn't very comfortable loitering in the area after dark for some reason....

So, I took one last shot just as the sun was setting over the lake and made a promise to return again... maybe in the morning next time, eh Mark? ;)

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