Monday, August 04, 2008

Eating out in Labuan

Unlike Penang, Melaka or Kuching, Labuan is not very well known for the food. What it is well known for is its duty-free status. There's no tax on just about everything. Cars cost half of what they would cost elsewhere, cigarettes are cheaper than even the duty-free ones in KLIA, and chocolates are EVERYWHERE and they're dirt-cheap!

Everywhere I went, there were shops selling all kinds of chocolates, mostly imported ones from Australia, Europe and even Japan. And they're really a lot cheaper than in Peninsular Malaysia.

I never really liked Kit Kat, but Mark insisted I try the 'imported' version, and you know what, the imported ones really do taste much better than locally produced ones.

Being tax-free, alcohol is also really cheap here, in fact even less than the duty free shops at KLIA. The selection here is quite good too. It's a pity I don't drink.

Ok. Back to some real food. Mark brought me to a fancy Chinese restaurant and ordered a Cheese Baked Tiger Prawn for me to try as it was the restaurant's signature dish. And my oh my, it was delicious! And this is coming from someone who doesn't care too much for prawns or seafood for that matter!

Another local delicacy is the coconut pudding. It's basically chilled coconut flavoured pudding served in an actual coconut husk.

Inside is a delicious brew of coconut, pudding and the juicy white coconut' meat. Frankly I am surprised no one else thought of this yet.

The waitress who served us was kind enough to scoop out the pudding and garnished it with a few slivers of the white 'meat' of the coconut that she scooped from the inside of the coconut.

And it was delicious! So delicious I couldn't believe how great it was!


Beruang Madu said...

Kalau kita beli dan bawak keluar...kena tax tak?

Amazonman said...

According to Labuan tax-free rules:

Duty Free Entitlement

Tourist who stay not less than 24 hours are entitled for tax exemption on the following items:
1. Wine, spirit or malt liquor not exceeding 1 litre in all.
2. Tobacco not exceeding 200 cigarettes.
3. Talc, soaps and dentrifices to a total value not exceeding RM200.00.
4. Wearing apparel not exceeding 3 pieces.
5. Footwear not exceeding one pair.
6. Portable electrically and battery operated appliances for personal care and hygiene not exceeding 1 unit each.
7. Dutiable food preparations to a total not exceeding RM75.00.
8. Souvenirs and gifts on any dutiable items except item 1, 2, 4, 5, tyres and tubes to a total value not exceeding RM500.00.
9. Portable goods and equipment brought in by tourist/foreign journalist for personal use during the stay in Malaysia and to be re-exported.