Friday, October 20, 2006


Amazonman: Hi, Russ. You called?

Russ: Yeah, wah... now you very action already ah, call you also you dowan to answer.

A: Nolah, brother, I was having dinner at a rather noisy place when you called. Didn't even hear it ring.

R: Ya ka? Oklah, I just wanted to say hi since we haven't talked in quite a while.

A: Hmm... yeah. How long has it been? Six months..... no, wait, the last time we spoke was at your Christmas party at your parent's place.... wah, it's been almost a year lah!

R: Yeah. I still remember we were supposed to plan for a trip to Redang...

A: Yeah, what happened to that? Oh, I remember. You were supposed to call me to confirm the suitable dates because you weren't sure you could apply for leave.

R: Sorrylah brother. I kinda forgot....So how are you man?

A: Ok. Still the same. You leh?

R: Sure or not? When are you making your next million?

A: Erm.. first million still not yet achieve, how to get second million? You must be thinking of Ron lah, not me.

R: No lah, He's a businessman, different. You, big time dentist, surely you are minting money.

A: I'm comfortable, yes. But definitely not like what you say, "minting money".

R: You don't have to be so humble leh. I am not going to ask you for a loan, don't worry.

A: Hahahaha. no lah. You are doing so much better than me, I should be the one asking you for money...... by the way, how's Lisa? And your two boys?

R: They are doing fine. Very fine in fact. Lisa's gone back to work at her old firm. And Jon has just started his taekwando class.

A: Wah, starting him early... how old is he now? Seven?

R: Eh hallo, Jon is already ten lah.

A: Whoa, already Standard ... Four?

R: No, he's in Standard Five. He skipped one grade last year.

A: Wow. Another Einstein in the making, eh?

R: Nolah... got five people in his class who jumped a grade. It's actually quite common these days.

A: Really? hmmm..... must be the food they're eating. hehehe

R: Yeah, lots of Big Macs and Whoppers.

A: Hahaha.

R: So when are you getting married? I heard my mom say you going out with someone?

A: Really? Well, please ask her who that person is, cause I'd like to know too.

R: Aiyoh, don't like that leh. You mean you still don't have girlfriend meh?

A: No I don't. Old and bald... where got people want?

R: No lah you are too choosy lah. Eh, better not wait too long; wait have to start using Viagra, susah.

A: Hehehehe. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

R: Don't you wanna settle down and have kids? As it is, by the time you retire, your kids still in school. It's not easy, you know.

A: Aiyoh. Not yet got girlfriend, you're telling me about kids and retirement. Relaxlah. I myself am not kan cheong, you pulak kan cheong for me. Hahaha

R: Well, sometimes, you get so comfortable where you are, you don't want to change things.

A: Well, I am in my comfort zone right now. ... Look, it's not that I don't want to get married, I just don't want to get married for the sake of getting married. That would be silly, right?

R: True. but I hope you meet someone nice and get married lah. Wait so long also not good.

A: Yes, mother.

R: Ok, ok. I will stop. I get the hint.

A: Hehehehe. Good.

R: Ok. So i guess I'll be seeing you at the class reunion next month?

A: Oh yeah. Thanks for reminding. I forgot to RSVP Ram.... Yeah, I will be going... alone. So don't ask me again. and don't try to set me up again.

R: Ok hehehe I won't. I have learnt my lesson. Ok then, hey, it was great to catch up with you again. Call me anytimelah to chat. Don't have to wait for Christmas or Chinese New Year to talk, right?

A: Yes. I will. thanks for your call, by the way. I really appreciate it.

R: Ok. cool. See you soon, buddy. And take care.

A: Yes, you too, Russ. Send my regards to Lisa and the kids. Bye.

R: Bye.

* All names have been changed for reasons only Ph... erm...Russ will know.
** Conversation was in Malaysian English, often known as Manglish.


AG said...

eh, if you get married, the next target is me. So, it's good you remain single and get all the arrows from busybody family and nosy friends! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm I get the same kind of conversation too .... hmmmm

Well when the time is right will happen loh ... dont why so kan cheong one leh ... :)

Ok have a great weekend ;


Shah said...

Haha sounds so familiar. Thought my mum had given up on that issue after being quiet about it for several months until recently she tried to set me up again with someone. I guess she means well. Well maybe someday when I become a big Dato' then I might think of settling down... but then again maybe not.

Anonymous said...

it's difficult enough that mothers will always ask you the dreaded questions (so many blogs talk about it, malaysian ones mostly), but also to get it from friends, especially with beautiful families, just make it more susah. but they all mean well.

when you do get married, it's your turn to harass your single friends and later on, your children!

have a great holiday