Sunday, October 15, 2006

When It All Falls Apart

It has been a rather intense few days for me this past week. I have just found out that two people who are very close to my heart have just broken up after four years together. They were supposed to be making wedding plans but now, have to make separate living arrangements.

Although I have known and loved B for more than 20 years, I have also formed a very good friendship with her (ex)boyfriend KM in the past four years. Ever since they moved in together, I have spent many a weekend with them, because we click so well together and have a lot of common interests. And of course, the fact that they have a really spacious guestroom helps too :-). We would go out for dinners, catch a movie at the cineplex and even make the occasional trek up Genting Highlands for some cool mountain air.

All this time, they have always seemed very much in love and right up till the end, would walk around in public holding hands and would never hesitate to give each other a hug or a steal a kiss whenever they thought no one was watching. KM had lots of stories and amusing anecdotes to tell and oftentimes, I found B finishing his sentences and then they would laugh heartily at each other's jokes, even if they have heard them a thousand times already. Indeed, they were a match made in heaven.

Which is why I found the news of their breakup so hard to believe. It was as if the two people that I have come to know and love never were, and in their place were two completely opposite personalities I could hardly recognise. Last minute efforts were spent trying to patch things up between the two of them, and when that failed, to make the parting as amicable as possible. Although I understood and agreed with the reasons why the relationship had to end (at least for now), I couldn't find myself ready to accept that a chapter of these two lives had come to an abrupt close.

I know I shall remain friends with the both of them, and indeed, B has even requested me to keep in contact with KM, and to help him go through this emotional tragedy - an action I would have done anyway even if she hadn't asked it of me. As KM and I talked, I could sense the sorrow in his heart echo through the pain in his voice, and I found myself at a loss for words quite a few times that evening last Saturday.

Two lives, once proudly intertwined, have fractured apart. Two hearts that had beaten as one are now out of synch. "Mr and Mrs R" will remain but an unfulfilled destiny for B and KM. My heart aches for them both.


Anonymous said...

I feel sad reading this ... will keep them in prayer ....

AG said...

i know how you feel. but i feel it's the best for both of them. for now at least. no point keeping the relationship if one of them have stopped loving the other. no point keeping the relationship when the other shows love the wrong way. at least you can still be friends with the both of them, though you'll never go out together with them again. unless, they get back together...

FakawiTribe said...

where do you find all these cool and appropriate images to go with your blogs huh?
Do you like walk around in the rain with your underwater camera, ready to snap at sad faces in the windows you pass by?