Sunday, October 22, 2006

How A Girl Buys A Camera

Step #1: Gets an idea in her head that she needs a new camera. She then thinks about it for two whole months and then decides that she really wants to get one.

Step # 2: Browses through the internet to look at what the critics are recommending. After a full hour of that, she gets even more confused.

Step #3: Decides to take the easy way out of the whole mess by calling a photography enthusiast to pick his brain and also to help her make a 'learned decision'. Actually, she just wants to find someone to pin the blame on in case her choice of camera turns out to be a wrong one.

Step # 4: Drives to the mall and spends the next half hour trying to find a parking lot in the crowded, jam packed carpark just because said friend recommended one particular shop there where she can get a discount if she mentions his name.

Step # 5: Finds "Ah Keong" at the shop and swoops in on the exact model of camera that was mentioned by the 'learned' friend, even though Ah Keong tries to help her make the best choice based on her needs and capabilities.

Step 6: Gets her poor but ever helpful brother to meet her at the shop to take a few test shots..... and also to help her bargain for a better price should her attempts at flirting with the semi-cute Ah Keong fail to bring any positive results.

Step #7: Asks a thousand and one questions about the camera and digital photography in general just to prove to the shop assistant that she knows what she's talking about. Of course, both of them don't.

Step #8: Tries to persuade her poor brother to foot the bill.... or at least half the bill..... or at least a quarter of the bill..... and also does the same thing to all the other members of her family, even though she can very well afford to pay for it in cash if she wanted to.

Step # 9: After getting corporate sponsorship from the FAMA* foundation, she happily decides to buy the camera, much to the delight of Ah Keong & co. However, she's not too happy about having to pay a 3% credit card "service surcharge". (In fact, she mulls over that for about half an hour, thus giving the sales assistant some time to grab a quick bite and also call her boyfriend for a chat.)
* FAMA refers to Father & Mother; and not the Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority.

Step # 10: Finally, after much bargaining and negotiating, the sale is done. Mission accomplished......not!

Step # 11: Rewards the poor but ever helpful brother by giving him a treat at a fast food restaurant. And not at the new Tony Roma's Steakhouse as suggested by the poor but ever helpful brother.

Step #12: Stuffs the poor but ever helpful brother's mouth with food before he has any chance to complain to her parents about the ill-treatment he is receiving.

Step # 13: Fantasises about all the great photos she will be taking, especially since she will be taking photography lessons together with the really cute guy at the Youth Centre in her church.

Step #14: Allows the poor but ever helpful brother take the camera for a spin. Smiles like she is the next Malaysian Top Model.

Step #15: Gives the poor but ever-helpful brother her world-famous death stare when she finds out she's the subject of this blog entry.



Anonymous said...

Wah ..... she is fortunate to have an ever helpful bro ....

Alamak hope she like ths camera ..... cabut lari

AG said...

hey, you got the events all mixed up!

Friggindildo said... that is the death stare ah? poor thing.. so cheap one ah you sis? getting dragged all over the mall and then having to be forced to eat... gasp... is that long john's silver?