Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Buka Puasa Part Deux

It's been quite a while since I've been to the Manhattan Fish Market restaurant. So when Saifuddin, a buddy of mine and fellow blogger suggested we go there to 'buka', visions of scrumptious fish and chips swam in front of my eyes.....

We went to their new outlet in Seremban Jusco. It was a good thing that Saifuddin had the good sense to make a reservation first coz by the time we got there at around 6.30pm (about 45 minutes before 'buka') it was already almost fully booked, even though the patrons had not come in yet.

So, there we were with more than half an hour to kill, our stomachs growling but we're unable to touch any food till then. Sigh, this puasa thing is harder than I thought. ;)

So, what does Saifuddin do? Why, whip out his trusty Canon Ixus 55, of course! Turns out he's quite the shutterbug as well.

Of course I took the opportunity to do some snapping as well, as the decor was quite erm... different, with fish nets and traps creatively used as wall ornaments and lighting.

Pics taken, and we still had another twenty minutes to twiddle our thumbs. Erm... which one of these contains salt and which one, pepper? I forget.

Finally the waiter arrived with our food! Erm..... just two teeny tiny dates?

Oh wait... there's more. Sauces.... to dip the dates in? Hehehe

Ah... our appetiser, and just in time too, as the call to break fast had just sounded.

Believe me, the baked mussells tasted even better than they looked. And the bread dipped in the garlic sauce was equally delicious.

In typical 'buka puasa' tradition, we had rose syrup to complement the buka puasa feast we're about to chow into. Well, not quite so traditional coz I would have preferred fresh syrup bandung.

Then, our main course came, complete with fire from a buthane lamp... tho I think the flame's not really big enough.....

Ah... now that's more like it. Erm... maam.... I think your eyebrows are on fire.

Our Seafood plattter for two... or three. Good thing we didn't order that plate of onion rings.

There were loads of squid fritters, ....

... succulent prawns, 'burnt' to perfection.....

...and a juicy fillet of battered dory fish with fries the size of my fingers. This definitely wasn't a figment of my imagination, even if it really was swimming right in front of my eyes. I should do this buka puasa thing more often. ;)

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Shah said...

That seafood platter looks absolutely yum. OK got next weeks buka puasa outing sorted out. Pasar Ikan Manhattan here I come...