Friday, September 28, 2007

It should be spelt doughnuts, not donuts!

I first read about J.Co from a few months back. Apparently it's the Javanese answer to Krispy Creme (and according to Mr Sia, is way better in terms of taste and variety of flavours).

J.Co Donuts and Coffee has just opened its first KL outlet at the Pavillion. And true to Malaysian fashion, everybody and his uncle were there to try out the latest food fad.

From the outside, the doughnuts (or donuts, depending on which form of English you prefer to use) looked pretty much like that other doughnut franchise, round and smothered in sinfully rich and sweet toppings. Plus, they also served a small range of coffee beverages a la that other coffee franchise.

So, peopled queue up alongside a cafeteria style glass display, chose whatever topping flavour they liked and at the end of the line, paid the cashier and collected their precious cargo.

If you're going to have coffee together with your doughnut(s), then there is a separate counter to order and collect your drinks. Oh, and they give you a free sugar glazed donut for every drink you buy. Smart move.

The decor is simply and tastefully done, almost like Starbucks or Coffee Bean. But this zip-like wall deco using alternating coffee cups is quite ... interesting.... ;)

Ok. Now to the taste test. We got a dozen different flavoured doughnuts. There was the blueberry, chocolate, peanut-chocolate, and also green tea among others.

The simple sugar-glazed doughnut was a bit too sweet, but the donut itself was quite light and fluffy in texture.

Being a chocolate lover, I enjoyed the chocolate and the peanut-chocolate doughnuts the most.

Couldn't really tell what flavour this one was....but they were all mouth-wateringly delicious.

The blueberry doughnut was delicious as well but eating it was a bit 'leceh' as the filling kept spilling off everytime I bit into it.

And here is the mug of a contented fella who's just had his fill of them doughnuts.

Note: this is not an advert..... J.Co did not pay me a single sen to write this..... hint hint.

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