Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Siem Reap: Best of The Rest

I have recently been 'accused' of being too 'cheong hei' in my postings. So I am going to try to reduce the verbal diarrhea to a minimal. .. like this statue. Silently imposing.

Another ruin. ... and yours truly.

Inside the grounds.... reminds me of the Roman Forum.

A small linga within the ruins.

Bas relief of the God-King

Nature wins again.

And again...

Nice window.

It's where they keep the ashes of the monks or religious officials or high ranking officers etc. There. I've said enough.

Look... it's a bird... it's a man.... it's Garuda!

"Hey Mister! Wanna ride on my elephant?"

Contributions to these victims of the landmines are very much appreciated.

View of Angkor from the top of Phnom Bakheng.

The place even came with its own musical entertainment.

There's supposed to be the sun disc in the sky. Unfortunately we couldn't figure out how to best capture it. Time to get new lenses, or perhaps some photography classes.



The front of Banteay Samre, another temple near Banteay Srai.

Little girl.

A row of sandstone ballusters.

Erm... how did this shot get here.... Still.. I kinda like it.

Temple official cum tourist guide. Me thinks he's a little campy.

Lovely couple from Phnom Penh on their wedding honeymoon.

Final shot of one of those frame-within-a-frame pics.

Erm.... view from within a prisoner's cell?

Feet statue.

Wymen and his wif...erm... I mean the pregnant lady who was posing for him.

Young girl who needs to have a dental checkup. ASAP.

Wymen who needed to pee a few minutes after this shot was taken.

Cute nose-picking boy.

Ta Keo. Boh says they abandoned this temple halfway through its construction when it got struck by lightning... twice. Bad omen?

Prasat Khravan or Cardamon Sanctuary.

Me and the gang!

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