Monday, October 08, 2007

Free Food! Well, sort of.

Free food at TGI Fridays?? Can it actually be possible? Yes it can. That is if you have loads of points accumulated on your HSBC credit card from donkey years past and they are calling to remind you to redeem the points fast or risk losing 'em forever!

So, I decided to exchange a few thousand points for a wad of RM50 meal vouchers from various participating restaurants including Genki Sushi, Secret Recipe and of course TGI Friday's.

We arrived at the outlet at The Curve at about 7.30pm.... right smack into the Buka Puasa crowd. Since we didn't make a prior reservation, we were told to put our names on the waiting list and hope that we'll be called before sahur the next morning.

"We" being my two sisters, Amy and Wendy (the original A&W), Nigel and myself, the bearer of the vouchers. While Wendy and Nigel went off on a treasure hunt for her 'lost' handphone, Amy and I waited for a while and were promptly whisked in to our seats half an hour later.

We had a good table, by the glass window, where we could see a sizeable queue building up in front of the new doughnut shop across the way. Oooh... doughnuts....

Amy and I decided to share the 3 course meal set which included a mac 'n' cheese appetiser, Cajun fried chicken salad as the main course and a mocha mud pie for dessert.

Just as our drinks arrived, so did the two musketeers who were successful in their treasure hunt. Apparently the hp was tucked away in her eyeliner bag instead of her handbag. Or something to that effect.

They served really generous portions of the salad and garlic bread which also came with a sinfully delicious blue cheese dip.

Amy also called for their famous french onion soup which had a thick layer of melted cheese on top. Can I say sinfully delicious again?

The cajun fried chicken cutlets was also very juicy and crunchy which completely negated the nutritious value of the salad. Oh well.... if I wanted to diet, I'd have stayed at home and taken my Herbalife shake.

And of course the mac 'n' cheese which was deep fried to perfection was just heavenly as we bit into the crispy deepfried outer shell to get to our prize inside: melted cheese.

Wendy's appetiser was the buffalo wings. Tangy and aromatic - a perfect foil to our rich and creamy starters. Oh and to assuage our guilt for tucking into such rich food, there were a few sticks of celery. ;)

Nigel ordered the beef steak which was a bit of a disappointment - too well done. Apparently the waiter didn't even ask him how he would like his steak, and which he also forgot to mention when he placed his order.

Medium or well done, the steak too was devoured - with a little help from us three siblings of course. And then it was time for desert! First up was the mocha mud pie. It was Mocha ice cream covered with peanut flakes and smothered in rich dark chocolate. Yum!

Then came cookies and cream - a slice of delicious fruit cake topped with a hard crust cookie and you guessed it, a dollop of delicious buttery cream. A generous portion of caramel sauce made the dessert just too good for words.

But of course the main reason the evening was so enjoyable was the company. We kinda realised we just don't spend enough time getting together, us siblings. This was fun. I'm definitely looking forward to the next voucher redemption.....;)

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