Thursday, October 18, 2007

Not Another Mall??

Last weekend, I went to Sunway Pyramid with my buddy Saifuddin to check out the new wing which has just opened. Sunway Pyramid is a mall that is part of the Sunway township built on an old tin-mining area. The mall boasts of the only indoor ice-skating rink in Malaysia.

The 'old' wing has also undergone some refurbishment as part of the management's rejuvenation plan to attract more shoppers and tourist to come to the mall and its adjoining Sunway Amusement Park.

While waiting for Saifuddin's solat, I took the chance to people-watch.... there were a lot of Arab tourists here. The guys in their shorts while their wives completely covered up from head to tow in black. Interesting....

The new wing looks smaller than the old one, but more ermmm... colour coodinated and it has two 'centre courts' complete with buskers singing old standards like "Stand By Me".

Overheard at the mall:
"Look mommy! We're standing in the blue sun!"
"No, dear, this is the eye of the blue dinosaur." Hehehe

And this is the baby blue dinosaur busy sms-ing.... Say Juraseeek!

So I guess this is the Yellow Court. Seems a lot more cheerful and busier with people. Oooh.... Haagen Dazs!

I found the interplay between the sunlight and shadows on the dome roof very interesting. Dunno why I kept staring at it....

Ok. Enough of malls for now. My credit cards are getting frayed at the corners. ;)

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gingertom said...

I think the best looking picture is the dome roof. Compliments to the interior designer!

I've been there recently to ice-skate with a gang for my birthday, but I didn't get a chance to look-see thoroughly of the new wing. So thanks for the pictures! I think I'll go there again one of these weekends. :)