Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Raya Feast 2007 (Updated)

Having missed out on Raya last year, I was very happy to able to spend this year's Raya celebrations with Faisal and gang. A few of us even came in our Baju Melayu getup, complete with songkok and kain samping.

As this was my first time wearing the Baju, I had a bit of trouble putting on the Kain Samping. So it was the Datuk to the rescue!

So what do you think? I pass or not? Hmmm... how come the Baju looks so loose...... Ooh I must have lost weight..... Must do something about the crow's feet.....

As with the previous years, Faisal would hold an 'open house' on the first day of Raya at his mom's place in Kampung Subang. Well technically it was at his sister Faridah's and Hissham's place which adjoins their mother's house.

There was a huge turnout this year which was great as Faisal had arranged to cater for 200 pax. It was like a reunion of sorts as I got to meet up with a lot of friends whom I have not seen in a while, including my diving buddy Cecil and his family.

The guests were seated in a well decorated makeshift gazebo in the front lawn (yes, the lawn was THAT big) and this time around the weather was perfect for an outdoor gathering - not too hot and not too wet... well at least for the first few hours.

And of course there was the food. As with most Raya 1 open houses, there was a whole mountain of food just waiting to be devoured, and this time Faisal spared no expense in providing his guests with the best of Raya delicacies, including nasi beryani and ketupat.

There was also chicken curry, mutton rendang as well as some of the best satay I have ever tasted. So good, in fact, that I actually forgot to take pics of the satay as I was concentrating on eating them. Hehehe

There was also the acar sayur, which is a selection of pickled cucumber, carrots and pineapple mixed with tomato sauce, chilli and black peppper. Really goes well with the rendang and nasi beryani.

To wash it all down, there was also some deliciously sweet watermelon and tangy orange slices. What, not strawberries?

The star of the day has got to bee See Meng's baby boy, Jonathan. Only two months old and already commanding everybody's attention and affection. And he was very well behaved too.

The Datuk was busy entertaining his guests as well as conducting some last-minute business deals..... no lah, he was trying to give directions to the house.... "NO, just go straight and then turn to your right.... How could you miss the freaking big tent??"

With out stomachs satiated and our taste buds on overtime, it was time to sit back and relax..... before the next chow-down session begins, right Mookie? ;)

Last but not least, arguably the handsomest guy there. Marcus, where is your baju Melayu?

The guys even held a surprise birthday celebration for me and Mookie whose birthday falls in a couple of week's time. The cake which were homemade by K's friend was absolutely delicious!

And lest you think our Datuk is all serious business, here's a candid picture of him. Tsk tsk, sticking out your tongue is considered very un-bangsawan-like behaviour, dont'cha think?

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